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‘Greenleaf’ Star Asia’h Epperson Seemingly Confirms She’s No Longer Dating T.I.

After getting caught with T.I. slapping her rear end last month, reports emerged that Asia’h Epperson refused to be seen publicly with the rapper until he left his wife Tiny. But according to a response to an Instagram commenter, the “Greenleaf” actress might not be with the MC any longer.

While sharing a shot of herself in a curve-baring swimsuit on the beach Sunday, one curious fan wanted to know the star’s relationship status.

“U got a boyfriend?” user @flexxlutherr asked.

“@flexxlutherr nope!!!!! Single as a $1 bill baby!!!!!😜,” Epperson said in response.

Asia'h Epperson Asia'h Epperson

Further confirming she and T.I. haven’t been linking up is another response Epperson gave to a commenter who said, “You to pretty to be someone option.”

“@nyeema_fatz thank you! And that’s why I’m not! Lol! 🙏🏽🙌🏽💯❤,” the actress replied.

Asia'h Epperson

It seemed as if Epperson was still seeing T.I. behind Tiny’s back as a source told HollywoodLife in June that she was eyeing going public with the rapper only if he left his wife.

“All of Asiah‘s friends have been asking her constantly if she is dating T.I. but she is keeping quiet about it all,” an insider told the website last month. “She refuses to be anyone’s side piece, so for now, she is going to stay quiet until T.I. breaks away clean from Tiny for good.

Asiah is not going to confirm or deny any rumors about her and T.I, until he is willing to go public with their relationship, too,” the source added. “Until then, she thinks she is a lady and is demanding her friends respect her and stop asking.”

A photo of T.I. posted by a club promotional company earlier this month had fans convinced he was still with Epperson. However, the rapper’s extravagant gifts to wife Tiny may signal he’s back the singer’s good graces.

“Regardless of whatever, you have done more for me & showed me more love than most will ever have a man to do/give in a lifetime & I appreciate you for that!” the birthday girl wrote on Instagram of her husband.

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