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T.I.’s Side Chick No Longer Content to be Mistress, Allegedly Wants Rapper to Leave Wife Tiny

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It seems like “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson isn’t just content to be the side chick T.I. slaps on the booty. According to a new rumor, Epperson wants to get serious with the rapper and hopes Tip will leave wife Tiny Harris in the process.

“All of Asiah‘s friends have been asking her constantly if she is dating T.I. but she is keeping quiet about it all,” an insider told HollywoodLife Monday, June 25. “She refuses to be anyone’s side piece, so for now, she is going to stay quiet until T.I. breaks away clean from Tiny for good.”

And apparently, Epperson — who was one of a few women T.I. defended in an alleged racial profiling incident in May — is leaving it up to the MC to decide what the public learns about their relationship.

Asiah is not going to confirm or deny any rumors about her and T.I, until he is willing to go public with their relationship, too,” the source added. “Until then, she thinks she is a lady and is demanding her friends respect her and stop asking.”

Meanwhile, not only has T.I. not stepped out publicly with Epperson, he’s not going out with Tiny either. He notably walked the BET Awards red carpet alone on Sunday as Tiny is reportedly mulling a divorce from her husband of nearly eight years.

“Tiny is seriously considering giving T.I. his walking papers for good and refiling for divorce,” one of Tiny’s pals told the website. “Tiny is hurt and humiliated and embarrassed. She thinks T.I. is in the wrong and needs to stop all the nonsense; he is setting a bad example for his kids.”

Something else Tiny was recently hurt by is the fact that her husband’s mistress showed up to the BET Awards So So Def 25th Anniversary Party Thursday, June 21.

“Tiny felt hurt and disrespected at a BET pre-party, that was held in part to honor Xscape, late last week that Asia’h had the nerve to show up to,” a separate Tiny source told the millennial women’s celebrity and fashion website. “Tiny had to exercise all of her patients to avoid a nasty fight or even an awkward run-in with Asia’h.

“Despite being upset and feeling the pain of being at a party with Asia’h, Tiny kept it classy and stayed on the opposite side of the room,” the source went on. “Tiny would occasionally throw a sideways glance or even a mean look in the direction of Asia’h, but that was it. Asia’h did her best to give Tiny her space too, but the tension was obvious.”


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