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T.I. Unbothered by Tiny’s Divorce Threats, Reportedly Caught Again with ‘Greenleaf’ Actress Asia’h Epperson

T.I. hasn’t let go of “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson and social media super sleuths have peeped the supposed evidence.

A promotional photo posted by club promotional company Rare Nightlife sees Tip in the foreground a photo at PH Day Club – Luxury Penthouse while Epperson appears to be in the top right corner.

“I see homewrecker in that corner,” a commenter said. “But it’s okay don’t bother deleting… every1 got they screenshots, sent it to @majorgirl. Use this for evidence for your divorce boo. Yawl he is still married! Show some respect.”

“Messy Af. Why would @majorgirl divorce her bank account? Fix the marriage and live,” someone replied.

Another contended, “this pic old,” while someone else said, “He isn’t with anyone. The lies you all tell.”

The rapper was busted slapping Epperson’s rear end backstage at one of his shows in June, which led his wife Tiny to go on a passive-aggressive social media spree. She did everything from co-signing a self-described self-love ambassador’s message about loyalty to wives to liking comments in her favor on Instagram.

Recently, the Xscape singer seemed to issue her husband an ultimatum of sorts.

“Cancer is never a second option. You either choose them or you f—ng lose them,” the Instagram Story post read.

Meanwhile, reports say Epperson isn’t stepping out in public with T.I. until he and Tiny divorce.

“All of Asia‘h‘s friends have been asking her constantly if she is dating T.I. but she is keeping quiet about it all,” a source informed HollywoodLife last month. “She refuses to be anyone’s side piece, so for now, she is going to stay quiet until T.I. breaks away clean from Tiny for good.”


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