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Tiny Gives T.I. an Ultimatum In Subliminal Instagram Message

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(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

T.I. may want to take a glimpse at wife Tiny’s Instagram stories for her musings on their marriage since the spouses are living apart.

The Xscape singer on Monday posted about her star sign in two different ways. One touted her sexual prowess but the other, posted in her IG story, seemed to be a subliminal message dedicated to Tip.

“Cancer is never a second option. You either choose them or you f—ing lose them,” the post said.ti tiny

Tiny has reportedly been out on the town nightly after footage surfaced of T.I. smacking the behind of “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson last month, HollywoodLife reported.

“There were lots of hot, young Atlanta rappers all around their table,” a friend told the website.”Tiny was looking fine as hell, dancing and showing off her twerking skills. The guys were all giving tons of attention. Tip has eyes all over the city so you know he’s going to hear about this and burn with jealousy.”

She’s apparently also leaning on her pal Tamar Braxton, who knows a thing or two about divorce woes. While Tiny had appeared to reconcile with T.I. after filing to leave him last year, it now seems like ending their marriage is back on the table.

“Tiny is seriously considering giving T.I. his walking papers for good and refiling for divorce,” one of Tiny’s pals told the website. “Tiny is hurt and humiliated and embarrassed. She thinks T.I. is in the wrong and needs to stop all the nonsense; he is setting a bad example for his kids.”

Still, Braxton reportedly wants Tiny to consider what’s best for her without input from outside sources.

“Tamar hated having people constantly pushing her to divorce Vince, so she’s making a huge point not to do that to Tiny,” an insider said. “She’s just trying to be there for her and lift her up.”

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