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Tiny and T.I.’s Rumored Mistress Engaged In Feud by Liking Comments Fueling Both Sides of Fire

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After T.I. was spotted slapping the booty of “Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson, it appears the feud between the actress and Tameka “Tiny” Harris is heating up as the stars have drawn a line in the sand through Instagram likes.

After Tip posted on the platform about why there’s no benefit to men getting married, a video surfaced of him touching and kissing Epperson, whom the rapper caped for when she was involved in an alleged racial profiling incident at Houston’s restaurant in May. Since then, fall out has ensued, including Tiny agreeing with self-described self-love ambassador Derrick Jackson about the importance of loyalty and T.I.’s mother calling for the couple to put their issues to rest and come back together.

But from the looks of Epperson and Tiny’s actions on Instagram, the former stars of “The Family Hustle” don’t seem close to burying the hatchet.

Epperson liked two comments from social media users siding with her in the feud.

“You cuter anyway, way cuter. [F—] these hoes. They’re separated and you got [s—] to do with that.”

“You and @troubleman31 make a nice couple. Good for y’all.”

ti tiny

But it wasn’t just Epperson who fired subliminal shots.

Tiny took a hit at the “Straight Outta Compton” actress, too. She liked the following shade-filled remark.

“I was wondering did you start f—ing before or after he captain save a hoe’d you with the Houston incident? Did you use that incident to become his resident ball locker or…🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️  I’m just wondering which came first did he care because y’all was f—ing?”

Still, Epperson must have caught wind of the negativity against her. She wrote on her Instagram story, “People always want to put a 10 on 2 and make something out of nothing!🙄 Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

She added, “Trust me… I have better things to do [than] read comments from strangers that know nothing about me!”

ti tiny

Meanwhile, fans of Tiny and Epperson have started taking sides.

“B—-es stfu🙄🙄. If you were in the public eye and everyone know of your marriage you would be coming for the woman too. I’m pretty sure she coming for Tip arrogant, annoying ass. Karma is going to get his ass.”

“I just wanna hug her….🙁🙁😢 she’s not mad at that woman….it’s HIM who she’s angry with…smh….🤦 Lord comfort her and give her peace 😧….if more women would just understand…☹🙁🙁🙁.”

“If they’re separated, I honestly don’t see the issue. Divorces can take YEARS sometimes to be finalized. She liked a comment about them being separated, if that’s the case she shouldn’t be threatened by trolls. T.I needs to be the one who is getting attacked. If he’s still married, @majorgirl divorce his ass. They will only do what you allow!”

“Just don’t blame the female tho! Cause if the man who u married opened them doors for another woman to come in with open arms it’s not her fault. it’s his… Cause he should know better and he should never put his wife in a situation where she gotta go and beat a b—-up cause of her man or husband u feel me?”


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