Critics Blast ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Rasheeda Frost’s Father’s Day Photos


Just like many other celebrities “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost posted photos of her husband Kirk Frost with their children, but social media users had a few questions for the “boss chick.”

Out of the many endearing images the reality star posted there was one in particular that stood out and it was the picture with blue tape fixed on the floor. Fans recounted an earlier episode during Season 7 of Rasheeda placing the adhesive on the floor to divide the home into two after she let Kirk move back home after having a child from his affair with former stripper Jasmine Washington.

Critics began roasting Rasheeda for posting the image of the blue tap, but still continuing to be with Kirk.

One person wrote, “I see in the first PIC Rasheeda still have that blue tape in the house. By the looks of it, someone is still in the dog house…LMBO!!”

Another said “Disable the comments, Sis. Beautiful family though!”

“Happy father’s day but stay on your side of the tape,” one fan stated.

Another said, “The tape is just for sho she still gone be with him.”

The “Bubblegum” rapper used the caption, “Happy Fathers Day [Kirk] keep up the great work & continue to be the great dad you are!”

Fans slammed Rasheeda for not including Kannon in her family photos, the child Kirk had with Washington and also dragged her husband for not acknowledging his son.

One person added, “For a woman to sit back accept the fact he doesn’t care for all his children, is less of a woman as he is less of a man smh. You all are a digraces to Parenthood.”

“But what about the other kid. He’s only the best when he there for urs.? That’s wrong.”

Another commented, “Not cool that this man leaves out his last son & is somehow praised as a good dad🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“Isn’t there a little person missing,” one fan asked.

Rasheeda is still working on her marriage with Kirk in spite of his marital indiscretions. In a recent episode of LHHA, Rasheeda and Kirk’s baby mama met for the first time. The “Boss Chick” rapper made it clear that her beef is not with the child but with how Jasmine handled the situation. “Your malicious a** ways i can’t respect that on any level.”

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