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Fans Trash Rasheeda Amid Rumor Kirk Frost Cheated Again

kirk and rasheeda

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After “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost looked to be heading toward reconciliation on this week’s episode, a new development about Kirk’s cheating ways may be throwing a wrench in the long-time couple’s plans.

An Atlanta area woman now claims to have been impregnated by Kirk, Media Take Out reported Wednesday, June 20. If the anonymous woman is being truthful, that would make her the second woman Kirk stepped out on his wife with over the last three years.

The new woman, a Latina who is a local dancer, is described as “young, pretty, and ratchet.” She’s supposedly working out a deal to appear on the next season of LHHATL.

“Rasheeda is going to fall out when she sees this girl,” a producer blabbed to MTO. “She’s crazy like [former LHHATL star] Joseline [Hernandez], and says she’s keeping the baby.”

But while the producer claims the new mistress will upset Rasheeda, a source close to the spouses of nearly two decades told MTO the woman is a “stalker.” The insider alleges the couple called the police on the woman and reported her for harassing them.

Previously, former stripper Jasmine Washington has been embroiled in a beef with Rasheeda after she gave birth to a son, Kannon, which a DNA test determined is Kirk’s baby.

Frost’s daughter recently met the young boy while Frost has yet to meet his son. Meanwhile, the Frosts were seen cuddled up at a dude ranch in Texas on the most recent LHHATL episode.

*Update: The couple spoke to Media Take Out and told the gossip outlet that the woman is a “stalker.” They’ve reportedly called the police and reported the woman.

The storyline of Rasheeda and Kirk’s cheating troubles has followed the couple for the past two seasons of the VH1 reality series. Prior to this update, fans have been weighing in on the possibility of it continuing.

“Time for another trip to a ranch.”

“I would say I feel bad for her, but she allowed it last time and blamed the woman and took his side. So this time it will be the same way.”

“She tried to turn a hoe into a husband. Now it’s as if she allows this. It’s like she’s a sister wife without being very sisterly.”

“Nope… not sorry for her. Ain’t no poor Rasheeda. He cheated on you how many times and had a whole baby on you and a possible like he playing spades. And she stayed boo boo the fool and stayed with this fool.”

” I can’t understand why these women keep wasting their time? When he cheated, he left the marriage there’s is no commitment there. It’s OK to walk away. He didn’t learn anything Tiny and T.I., same thing. Let go!”

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