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Killer Mike Wrongfully Takes Aim at Joy Reid Over H&M-related IG Post


Killer Mike rarely misses an opportunity to be outspoken about the plight of Black Americans and his tweet directed at Joy Reid on Sunday, April 8 was no exception.

The MSNBC host posted an Instagram photo with her glam squad celebrating their work on a photo shoot with former basketball star Elgin Baylor.

“And not to be outdone… @glamluxxe and Cynthia, who rocked the H&M for our Elgin Baylor shoot!”

But Killer Mike mistakenly thought Reid was referring to the Swedish retailer H&M, which was embroiled in a scandal over a Black boy model wearing a hoodie reading “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” in January.

“I guess the H&M protest has ended huh Black people. LoL,” he wrote in a now-deleted post commenting on the pic according to the Boombox.

He also took aim at Reid’s criticism of his controversial NRA TV interview, which she tweeted about in March saying Mike was, “cosigning an organization that traffics in threats against the media (including Black women), that ignored Philando Castile, and that pushes gun sales through ‘brown/Black scare’ videos is his choice. It’s also proof the NRA knows that the teenagers are beating them.”

“So me doing an interview about Back gun ownership with the NRA is ‘bad’ but u promoting a company that tagged a Black child a monkey is ‘good, cool, acceptable,” he shot back according to VladTV. “Ok 👌🏾 check. Smh n—–……”

Reid didn’t ignore the comment, either, she responded with a terse response that firmly corrected the Run the Jewels rapper.

killer mike joy reid

Several IG users weighed in on the back-and-forth, with some siding with Reid and others with Mike.

“@joyannreid you could have explained that a lot better and a lot less aggressive,” a commenter said. “@killermike is a real stand up guy I think this whole conversation should have been in the Dm!!”

“@joyannreid @killermike I’ve been in Film for over 8 years and Hair and Makeup has always been referred to as HMU,” someone else said.” So @killermike I can absolutely see how you could think she was referring to the company ‘H&M.’

“I’m still trying to understand what @killermike is famous for?” a separate person said. “What does he do besides being an Internet troll?”

“Noooo!!! @killermike was trying to be cute,” someone else said. “He got the wrong one. Ms. Joy Reid is not to be played with. He got his ass handed to him!!!”

As a result of Reid’s clap back, Mike admitted he had totally missed the point but that the pair will be able to discuss Black gun ownership on her program, the date of which has not been revealed.

Yet not everyone was feeling the apology.

“How can someone call themselves ‘killer,’ but stay getting killed?” an IG commenter said. He should change his name to Candyass Mike. He can keep his apology & hold this L along with anyone else who thinks he has any redeeming qualities left after this. #FakeWokeAssNegro”

“That apology is trash. ‘I apologize for my misunderstanding’ is a bs apology,” someone tweeted. “You called her (essentially) hypocrite. You implied she didn’t care about Black ppl facing racism. You alluded to her making money from Black pain. Yeah, no. Killer Mike can f— right on off.”

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