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Killer Mike Issues Apology for NRA Interview: ‘It Was Used as a Weapon Against You Guys’

Outspoken rapper-activist Killer Mike has apologized for interviewing with the Nationa Rifle Association after it aired his talk ahead of the March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24.

The MC posted a series of videos on his social media platforms after a chat with the NRA went live where Mike discussed his advocacy work and proclaimed that in “Wakanda, everyone had guns, and spears and everything else you needed.” He later tweeted that was a joke.

While mentioning his gun-owning family doesn’t support everything their allies do, he spoke on what he told his kids surrounding the school walkouts following the deadly Parkland, Fla., school shooting last month, saying “I love you, if you walk out that school, walk out of my house.”

“That interview was used a week later by NRA TV to disparage a very noble campaign that I actually support,” one-half of the duo Run The Jewels says Sunday, March 25. “I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry that an interview I did about black people in this country and gun rights was used as a weapon against you guys. That was unfair to you and it was wrong, and it disparaged some very noble work you’re doing.”

“My interview … was supposed to be something that continued a conversation or that helped the conversation happen that I felt needed to happen,” he adds before maintaining his interview was “not done in contrast to your march. And that conversation is about African-Americans and gun ownership.”

After apologizing for NRA TV using the interview in opposition to student-led protest supporting an end to gun violence and “adults on the left and the right are choosing to use me as a lightninging rod,” he encouraged young folks to continue organizing.

“I do support the march and I support Black people owning guns,” he says. “It’s possible to do both.”

In response, fellow Mike’s Run The Jewels member, El-P issued a lengthy statement backing his bandmate while maintaining “we our own men and we speak for ourselves individually.”

“I know a good person when I see one.” he said in part “I cannot and will not ever turn my back on this man. He wouldn’t turn his on me. Or you.”

Mike quote retweeted the statement writing, “I am so humbled to be your friend, brother & group member. I am so grateful to have an ally always. I apologize for my bull in a china store like tendencies! I drive u nuts but I promise u I love ya brother & will always do what’s right. Thank u for your underserved suffering.”

Others also reacted to the apology, with some remaining sympathetic and others blasting Mike for speaking to the NRA to begin with.

“Mike, I watched your interview today and most of it was about racism and poverty. I’m HUGELY anti the NRA, but you also explained why you were doing it,” one person tweeted. “I think it was blown out of proportion mostly by people who didn’t even bother to watch the interview.”

“I was disappointed Killer Mike sat down with NRA TV but he is reminding us here why he’s awesome and broadly respected,” another person said. “His apology is thoughtful and honest. We all make mistakes. Not everyone is so able to admit when they do as Killer Mike is here.”

“Killer Mike on the apology tour when instead he should have known better [than] the NRA doesn’t GAF about #Blackgunownership,” someone else said. “They’ve been attacking high school students who survived a mass shooting. They don’t care about Black people like #PhilandoCastile.”

“I want to believe you did the interview w/good intentions but what about the clip where you talk about kicking your kids out of your house if they take part in the walkout?” someone else said. “I didn’t take it [literally] but it’s still concerning. You’re too smart to trust the NRA and be their mascot.”

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