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Master P Blasted for Interviewing with Tomi Lahren to Talk About Kaepernick, Police Brutality

Former TheBlaze TV host Tomi Lahren and Master P recently sat down for an interview for Fox News Insider and the folks on Twitter weren’t too happy about it.

During their conversation, Lahren and the rapper talked about Colin Kaepernick’s protests last year, the NFL seemingly blackballing him and the Black community’s response to the many acts of police brutality, which Lahren criticized.

“We both know there are problems with certain officers but to me, the way the NFL is blowing this up and others in the entertainment world and the sports world, is that this is an epidemic and police are out to get young black men,” she said. “You’re a father of a young black man. Did you raise your son to be fearful of the police?”

“It’s been times that I thought the police handled me wrong, it’s been times when I needed the police and they was there,” answered Master P. “These are just people in uniform. I don’t get caught up with the police, even if some of them are overdoing it. Maybe they had a bad day. I say, ya know what, I put my trust in God and I just gotta do what’s right.”

In another part of the sitdown, Lahren slammed the way Kaepernick protested during his NFL days and refused to separate kneeling from disrespecting the American flag, law enforcement and the U.S. military.

“It was the way that he did it,” she stated. “That’s what hurt a lot in the military community.”

But Master P disagreed and said sports players should be able to express their beliefs, and Kaepernick should be playing in the NFL. The New Orleans native also stated that he doesn’t believe the ousted quarterback will ever get into the league again, and he’s turned a corner from being a professional athlete to being a full-time activist.

In addition, P said the quarterback is sincere in his efforts to help Black people and if he thought otherwise, he wouldn’t give him his support.

Lahren then insisted that Kaepernick and other professional athletes who choose to protest are wrong since they make millions of dollars and say they’re still oppressed.

It seemed to be that kind of reasoning and Lahren’s controversial remarks in the past that had people angry at Master P for speaking with her, and he received the same kind of backlash that “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamage Tha God did.

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If you recall, the radio host sat down with Lahren in February of last year and received heavy criticism for it. On top of that, he seemed to praise the right winged personality for creating a large following and suggested that people of color who want a political voice do the same. 

“Would be dope if a young black or Hispanic woke woman used social media to create a Platform to be a voice like Tomi Lahren did,” Charlamagne tweeted around the time of the interview. ”If you don’t like the narratives people are painting of you, create your own platform to control your own narratives … Moral of the story, if you woke, young minority liberals need to create a platform on social media to be a voice like Tomi.”

“But there are plenty who do,” one Twitter user responded. “But their wokeness is looked at as anger, bitter, black twitter feminist.”

Many others on social media ripped the radio host as well, as did Hot 97 personality Ebro Darden, who said he was ‘Cooning for white folk.” 

Unlike “The Breakfast Club” host, Master P hasn’t responded to any of the criticism for his interview with Lahren yet, at least not directly. But he did post a message about not caring what others think.

“What people think about you is not important,” the post read. “What you think about yourself means everything.”

Of course, P’s post could be just a general message since he has others like it on his page. But regardless, it doesn’t look like the backlash from his Tomi Lahren interview will be fading anytime soon. You can view some of the chatter below.

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