Master P Has a Better Solution for Colin Kaepernick NFL Woes

If Colin Kaepernick wants to play professional football again, Master P thinks he needs to ditch the NFL. According to the rapper, the free agent quarterback needs to start his own league

“We have to start owning things,” Master P tells TMZ Wednesday, Oct. 18 after being asked about Kaepernick’s grievance against the NFL. “Ownership. Just like I own Global Mixed Gender Basketball. Without real ownership, you have no control no matter how much money you make, what you bring to the league. … You’re never gon’ win if you don’t own nothing.”

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The businessman said that his basketball league allows players the option to sit or stand for the national anthem without interference from owners or coaches.

“They’re gonna have to start their own league,” he says of NFL players. “Maybe Kaepernick, whether he wants to come and stay in shape and play in our basketball league or I’ll help him start his own league — maybe that’s what I might do next. Start the football [league] next. … [Kaepernick is] a great football player. … I think the NFL should have some type of competition.”

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