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Hot 97’s Ebro Wants Charlamagne to Stop ‘Cooning for White Folk’; Tha God Responds with Challenge to Black People

After Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg launched a scathing attack on media personality Charlamagne Tha God, Ebro of “Ebro in The Morning” continued the onslaught prompting Charlamagne to respond.

On the Dec. 5 edition of Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning,” host Ebro ridiculed “The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne for meeting with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren over the weekend.

In the segment “Congratulations You Played Yourself,” Ebro told his audience that Charlamagne is trying too hard to impress and be a part of white America.

“What I’m seeing is called slave mentality taking place,” he says before launching into a verbal assault. “I know Charlamagne that you’re from a small plantation from South Carolina or whatever. So, you are accustomed to Confederate flags flying and feeling like as a Black man you have to appease white people. I’m not from that. And I wasn’t raised like that.”

The host’s statements came days after Charlamagne and Lahren held a meeting in New York after she appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Dec. 1.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Noah and Charlamagne both went out with Lahren over the weekend, drawing criticism from many. Social media users believed Lahren used their platforms to further spread her conservative talking points, while the two hosts used her for ratings.

However, the loudest voice among the crowd was Ebro’s co-host Peter Rosenberg, who attacked Charlamagne over the weekend. Rosenberg called the host a “devil” and told his fans that Charlamagne was not good for Black culture.

But Ebro furthered the bashing.

“I stayed away from TV and all of those things, because I didn’t want to [kowtow] to be accepted by mainstream America,” Ebro said. “Now, we are watching you, sir, bleach your skin. We’re watching you stand next to this lady. … You are trying too hard to be accepted by mainstream white America.”

Since Monday’s tongue lashing, Charlamagne fired back on Tuesday night via Twitter. In a series of tweets, “The Breakfast Club” co-host told his fans that young liberal Black and Hispanic women should create a platform to serve as a counter to Lahren’s conservative views.

Additionally, the media personality blames others for not continuing their own narratives by not creating media platforms.

Ultimately, he continued to use Lahren as a litmus test for online popularity, while demanding that others follow in her footsteps.

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