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Waka Flocka Calls on Dick Gregory, References the ‘Matrix’ In Attempt to Clarify His ‘I’m Not Black’ Stance

waka flocka not black

Waka Flocka says he’s always been clear about him not being Black. (@wakaflocka/Instagram)

Waka Flocka is cementing his statements about his heritage. Days after proclaiming he has no trace of Black in his blood, the rapper affirms that he is Native American. Waka made the bold remark on a couple of radio shows last week: “Sway’s Universe” and “Ebro In The Morning.”

On “Sway’s Universe”, the rapper told the hosts he learned of his heritage from his grandmothers.

“I asked my grandma, ‘Yo grandma, what’s your background?’ She said ‘Redfoot and Blacktail Indian.’ I said, ‘What?’ She said, ‘Yeah. My mother and my father, we 100 percent Indians.’ I asked my other grandmother, and we got Cherokee in us, and European and Italian. A little Dominican.'”

On Instagram Saturday, Oct. 14, Waka responded to his critics via a video, “You’re right, I’m not the Black America calls me.” Adding, “It’s just hard for a n—- to be from the slums, the ghetto, the hood whatever n—– want to say we from. And then, when you become this celebrity, you get to walk around the world. Get to travel around the world, get to touch the people, you get to find out the truth.”

He added that his community is caught up in “what society tells you is reality but he finds it difficult to explain the truth since he’s still learning what that is.

“I’m ‘Black,’ but I ain’t the Black America says I am,” the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star concludes. “Get the f— out [of] the matrix, y’all.”

In the caption, Waka also declared that he had always been honest about his heritage.

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“I stand on my words IM NOT BLACK,” he wrote. “I told y’all from the beginning of my rap career.”

While Waka had many detractors…

…he had several backers, too.

waka flocka not black waka flocka not black waka flocka not black waka flocka not black


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