St. Louis Radio Host Stands Firm After Insanely Racist Rant Against Waka Flocka, Won’t Resign

In wake of a racist tirade calling Atlanta artist Waka Flocka Flame a “greasy Black n—-r,” a St. Louis radio show host said he would apologize on the condition that the rapper stopping rapping about violence in his music.

KQQZ 1190 AM radio host Bob Romanik claimed he was exercising his freedom of speech when he called the rapper the slur. Audio from the mid-January broadcast did not surface until last week Thursday, Feb. 9.

Romanik lashed out at the rapper because a fan reportedly handed Waka Flocka a shirt to dry off with. The rapper told media that he did not do it maliciously and that he would have dried off on anything anyone handed him, The Breakfast Club reported. But, Romanik took it as a display of disrespect.

“Waka Flocka, he took a good crap on our president-elect’s shirt,” Romanik said Jan. 17. “Our white president. Now, if it had been another Black man — you think, you think that Trump has done anything to this man? Trump will probably do more for this Black n—-r than Obama’s ever done for the proud Black community. In my opinion, of course. Think about it! We’re talking about Waka Flocka, that greasy Black n—-r son of a b—h.”

Shortly after the audio release, Waka Flocka responded to Romanik’s comments, calling the Trump supporter a “white cracker” and “a disgrace to white America.”

Then, Romanik responded to the rapper’s video in a Tuesday, Feb. 14, video of his own defending his use of the n-word, proclaiming his white pride and demanding equality, adding fuel the month-long feud.

“I’m not a racist. I don’t like that no-good, greasy son of a b—h,” he exclaims. “That’s not hatred in the community, that’s not hatred for the Blacks … All I want, as a proud white man, I just want equal treatment.”

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