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Waka Flocka and The Game Engage in Beef over Hip-Hop Activism, BLM That Quickly Turns Petty



Waka Flocka unintentionally launched a beef between himself and The Game Wednesday when he posted a series of Instagram videos explaining why he’s not on board with the Black Lives Matter movement. He also took aim at artists who promote brands and then want to help their communities. When the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star began talking about rappers showing off their bodies, many thought he was taking aim at Chuck, another nickmane for The Game.

In the first video – in which he told followers not to “start this internet instigating” – Waka explains how hypocritical rappers can be.

Facts!!! Don't start this internet instigating… ?

A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

“Rap n—— is funny,” he began. “They f—— models on Instagram showing their bodies and d—prints. Like, these n—– is confused.”

“I’m not gon’ lead people to a f—– up direction,” he continued.

Later, he took aim at those who were upset that he “fought back” to get on good terms with wife Tammy Rivera.

In a second video, Waka explains why he’s not involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, which is currently aiming to get justice for Black men and women killed by police.

Just not for the lame shit. i/we want action and truth!!!!

A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

“I’m not finna be runnin’ around doin’ no Black peace treaties when I can’t stop a n—- [from] dying in my hood.”

The rapper seemed to be referencing Game’s peace treaty between gangs signed in Los Angeles July 17.

“I don’t want no credit, I don’t wanna be marchin’ I don’t wanna be…pullin’ s— together,” he continued. “I just want action.”

The Game caught wind of the clips and posted a response on Instagram July 20. He spoke Jamaican patois to get his point across.

“The man done lost his b—-, and the man in his feelings?” he said in the video. “The man want war with Game? Nah, the man don’t want war with Game. The Game want peace and positivity but if he wasn’t, he’d f—- the man up. You mad ’cause you lost your b—-? There’s other b—— out here. Me don’t want you dead, hear me?”

He also questioned why Waka took notice of the photos Game posted online.

“What you looking at the d—- pic for? They not for you?” he said.

In his caption addressed to whom it may concern, the LA-born rapper made it clear Waka was the intended message recipient. Game addressed the Atlanta-based MC’s problems with Rivera and called his locks “counterfeit” and said his lips were big like “a one gyals swell up pomms dat di catch a herpes.”

Waka posted another video to counter Chuck’s response the same day.

“If you felt like I was even talkin’ ’bout you, you shoulda called me,” he said. “I wasn’t even talkin’ about you, like home – how many other n—– that did it?”

He went on to say he’s showed skin in the past when he posed nude for PETA in 2011.

“Let’s keep it the positive way like this positive vibe that we on. Like this Black Lives Matter movement,” he concluded.

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