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‘Insecure’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Hella Perspective

Insecure Recap

The cast of ‘Insecure’ enjoying a laugh.

All right, the rollercoaster ride is over (for now). Last night, season 2 of “Insecure” came to a close, ending another emotional tug-of-war between the brain and the heart for the “Insecure” crew.

The finale tells three stories over the course of the same day in dream sequences offering closure. Okay, so quick recap of season two: Issa develops a free spirit after her troublesome break-up with Lawrence. Lawrence cannot seem to bounce back after Issa and finds himself stringing along woman after woman. Molly starts seeing a therapist and continues to meet with other firms seeking better pay. She then romantically involves herself with Dro but can’t (although she tried) deal with Dro’s situation. (He’s in an open marriage.) Issa and Lawrence keep avoiding their issues until they have a huge blowout during Derek’s birthday dinner. Wait, there’s more. The Dunes (Issa’s apartment complex) in Inglewood, Calif., increases the rent because of new developments in the area. (Yup, you guessed it: gentrification.) This sends Issa over the edge and she tears up her apartment and decides she has to move.

The finale starts with Issa observing the neighborhood (I-wood, as the new developers call it) while wearing a sweatshirt with the ‘N’ word over the heart. She approaches a Caucasian woman who is standing on the opposite side of the street passing out fliers for a new store that used to be an old stomping ground for Issa and her friends. The encounter sums up gentrification in 30 seconds.

30 Days with Lawrence

Lawrence and Aparna are taking things slowly and getting to know one another. They run a marathon (literally) for their job and Lawrence sees Issa and Molly standing on the sidelines cheering. Throughout the day, Issa’s name comes up in conversation and he’s stuck facing the reality that he can’t avoid her forever. During their dinner date, Lawrence also makes a discovery about Aparna that he can’t handle. Aparna was dealing with someone else and honest about her sexual encounter. Lawrence brings it up later when they’re together and Aparna goes off and leaves. Actually, she jumps out of his car because they are in traffic. And it didn’t help that Issa called during their argument. Bye, Aparna.

30 Days with Molly

Molly meets with the partners at her firm to discuss her meeting with other firms. At this moment, every black woman in America is rooting for her raise. Then, the staggering blow comes when the office awards her the “Rising Star” award. (Side-eye) Molly smiles and ends the night with Quinton (her new beaux, maybe). Quinton, who also is a lawyer, helps Molly see her potential but wants to make it out of the friend zone. Molly’s therapist asks the million-dollar question: “Why did you call him ‘buddy’?” (Molly has other feelings for him and displaced feelings for Dro.) Molly seems to be doing well, she’s back to her therapist and making moves at work, but then Dro calls.

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30 Days with Issa

At work, her friend Frieda gets a promotion and while Issa could benefit from a raise and promotion, she still claps for her friend. The rest of the department isn’t too pleased. Issa packs up her apartment and tries to sell most of the items she doesn’t need. When it comes to the couch, she realizes that she can’t sell it because it’s also Lawrence’s. She calls him and lets him know that she’s moving and his things are packed and to ask what she should do with the couch. Lawrence makes his way to the apartment while Issa is moving in with her brother, who lays down some ground rules. Issa comes back to the apartment to do a final walk-through and to hand over the keys. Guess who’s waiting at the apartment? Lawrence and Issa have a heart to heart and confess their love for one another. Then, in a dream sequence, she imagines the life with Lawrence that she’d want. He proposes, they get married and start a family. It feels real until she realizes that this is really goodbye. Issa spends some time out of the house and ends up back at Daniel’s (eye roll). Season over! Thank goodness there will be a season 3.

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