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‘Insecure’ S2 Episode 7: Hella Disrespectful Recap

In case you missed it, last night’s episode of “Insecure” was a necessity for getting answers to questions we’ve been asking all season. As the season finale approaches, the series seems to be offering much closure.

In the last few episodes, Molly and Dro — yes, the married one in an “open marriage” (rolls eyes) — hook up, Lawrence finds another boo at work, Daniel gives Issa a rude awakening and Kelli is still the “keep it real” friend with no filter and the comic relief needed when things get heavy. The tangled web woven throughout the season gets a much-needed blast to clear the way for some resolutions.

Here’s what you should know:

Last night, Issa starts off with damage control of her self-esteem after last week’s mishap with Daniel and her silver fox. As the episode builds, so does Issa’s tension, which makes us believe she’ll snap sometime soon. She and her co-worker Frieda make up after a brief falling out over a reverse racism misunderstanding a few episodes back. As the episode progresses, she gets a phone call from Dan the Man, which fires her up before the birthday dinner later on that evening for Derek, Tiffany’s husband.

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Lawrence and his co-worker Aparna hit it off but try to keep their office romance a secret. They’re awkward but cute in office scenes while trying to finalize their plans for the weekend. Lawrence, still trying to be the good guy, tries to adjust birthday dinner plans for later on that evening to accommodate his plans with Aparna. Aparna, the cool chick, offers to tag along. Reminder, Issa will be there as well, so Lawrence gives Aparna a heads up that his ex will be at dinner.

Molly, Dro, and Candice (Dro’s wife) have an awkward encounter at the dinner. Dro seems cool, but there is much left unsaid between Candice and Molly as they wait to be seated. The seating arrangement has couples sitting together and friends with plus ones seated at a distance, which adds to the tension at the table as Lawrence and Aparna arrive. If looks could kill, Issa committed a double homicide and Kelli was the getaway car as she chimes in. Issa takes a jab at Aparna with her comment then excuses herself from the table to get some air. Lawrence follows and they have a huge blow-up resulting in Issa being called out of her name and Lawrence being confronted about blocking her on social media. While that blowout is happening, Dro and Molly have a situation of their own, resulting in her deciding that being romantically involved with him isn’t something she’s comfortable with anymore. Go, Molly!

Issa goes home and wrecks her apartment after receiving a notice from her landlord that there’s a rent increase. She loses it, and then the credits roll. Poor Issa.

Find out what happens on the season finale, Sunday on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

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