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‘Insecure’ S2 Episode 6: Hella Blows Recap


Insecure recap

HBO Insecure Episode 14

Okay, Issa! The ‘Insecure’ series continues its rollercoaster ride in episode 6. Last night, “Hella Blows” rocked primetime HBO with more comedic solutions for handling serious topics such as sex (safer sex), micro-aggressions and rejection. There are plenty quotable moments throughout the episode that are sure to create real tears from gut-bursting laughter. Spoiler alert: Molly and Dro do hook up again.

Issa took an L … a few L’s

From the start, Issa can’t seem to catch a break and her promiscuous tendencies spirals out of whack when she attempts to drop in on her neighbor bae, who has company already. Womp, womp. Nico, the silver fox, pumps Issa’s brakes when she throws it at him. He’s disinterested in having sex and would like to get dinner instead. His heartfelt plea, “sweetie, slow down,” was enough to make any woman dry up.

Then there’s a scene at Sexplosion, a sex education comprehensive conference, which handles the importance of safe sex that comes after the show received criticism for its lack of appearance of condoms during its sex scenes. At the conference, Issa and her crew take lighthearted humor in talking about sex and oral sex that comes into play later with Daniel. Damn, Daniel.

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Lawrence 2.0

Poor Lawrence, the truth about his role at the tech company comes to light as he pitches his new app idea, “Woot Woot.” After his presentation he’s asked questions about everything except his app. Ouch. “They are fly,” was the only compliment given and that was in reference to his sneakers. What? Lawrence speaks with another minorities at the tech company and learns that he’s there for diversity—whatever that means. He then finds out that the app idea was not going to take off as he’d hoped and his project managers were trying not to offend him by being direct about their decision. Yes, they asked about the sneakers again after rejecting the app idea.

Molly’s not really a side chick, is she?

Molly comes to grips with her role in Dro’s life, as he is a married man, but in an open marriage, and finds herself in need of clarity with her terms. She learns that it’s okay to see other people, but she doesn’t want to, and that there have been other women that Dro has been openly seeing. We can’t help but root for her while she searches for love. After the revelation from last episode about her father’s infidelity, it crushes her entire idea of love and marriage.

Damn Daniel”

Issa surprises Daniel with oral sex and is in for a surprise. Got it? Good.

If not, Issa ends up with more than she bargained for as Daniel reached his peak. #HellaBlows.

The carpool at the end was a perfect falling action of the episode. Issa appears to be in deep thought as the Uber Carpool rider asks for a black station. Issa rolls her eyes and looks hopelessly out the window as the scene ends and Roman GianArthur’s song ”Real Love, No Shade,” plays through the credits. Roller. Coaster. Ride. And we’re here for the next episode.

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