David Banner Says There’s One Problem with Black People Being ‘More Racist’


Remember that time David Banner said Black people should be racist? Well, now the political activist/rapper is explaining exactly what he meant.

“When I said Black people aren’t racist enough, what I meant was, by nature, God — he, she or it — made us what we are for a reason,” he tells VladTV in a Tuesday, Aug. 29, video. “Ants take care of ants, lions take care of lions, tigers take care of tigers. Historically, white people are supposed to take care of themselves first. What a lot of people don’t understand [is that] it’s a fight and it’s about genetic annihilation. Black people are at war and don’t even know it. We think it’s religious and everything gon’ be all right again — it’s f—— not!”

Banner, who expressed this same line of thinking on “The Breakfast Club” back in April, said the idea extends to the arts, too. In the past few years, there has been a call for more diversity on film. So, rather than having white people in every role, the argument is Black and other nonwhite people should be cast in those parts. One example of that happening recently was John Boyega’s role as a stormtrooper in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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“If we don’t do for our people, if we don’t create for our people, it will never happen because white people are supposed to put their people in movies first,” Banner tells VladTV. “It’s their s—! So, what we should do is make our own s—. The only problem is, if we do become more racist like I think we should be, then all they gon’ do is come and burn down our f—— communities or sic the feds on us … like they historically have, which means we must protect ourselves, too.

“Nothing is wrong with racism. The problem in America is our lack of racism. We spend well over $1 trillion a year. Imagine if we spent it in our own communities. I say this all the time: ‘I wouldn’t need them if I didn’t need you.’ ”

Although Banner fiercely advocates for Black people to be more racist, he blames the history of chattel slavery for the reason why the community would be lost about how to make that happen.

“Because of what Black people have gone through, our God, our history, our culture has totally been erased, a lot of us wouldn’t know what to be racist for or to,” he says.

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