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David Banner Calls Black Men to Action After Trump’s Rise: ‘We Have to Protect Our Women’

Posted by David Banner on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rapper David Banner continues his efforts to educate and inform Black people in wake of Donald Trump being elected president.

During a Wednesday, Nov. 16 Facebook live stream, the Southern rapper demanded that Black people put aside petty squabbles and commit themselves to forgiveness and protecting our own.

In the opening minutes, Banner expresses a desire for Black people to stop killing each other over what we wear and gang affiliations.

“How about we try forgiving each other?” he starts. “How about we forgive each other so that we can start getting some s— right. We can’t even get to the real war because of the battles we fight [among] each other. … Just quit it for a minute.”

Banner believes that when Black people kill other Black people, they are doing the work of the Ku Klux Klan.

“A lot of people in our community. I call them Ku Klux Klan members and they don’t even know it. You do the work for them. They don’t have to do anything. So how about we forgive each other?”

Banner goes on to make a direct call to action to Black men. He prefaces his entreaty by pointing out that he has seen hate-crime incidents spike after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. (The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that there have been over 300 incidents since Trump’s election-night win.)

At around the 6-minute mark in the clip, Banner says that Trump supporters/voters are not attacking Black men. According to him, Black women are the main victims in these incidents.

“A lot of these young white cats that support Trump, especially on these college campuses, they are not bothering Black men. They are bothering Black women. And when I was at the University of Kentucky, I went to talk to a couple of Ques [Omega Psi Phi members].”

In that conversation, he said he charged the fraternity members with the task of protecting Black women on the campus from future attacks.

“These cowards, they will either get in groups and jump on one dude or mess with Black woman. We gotta stop that s–t, bruh,” he says in the video. “[Black men] gotta send out a message to everybody that if you touch one of our women, in any way, we coming down.”

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