David Banner Gets Real About How the Black Community Can Support Itself

David Banner has an idea about how racism can benefit the Black community.

While discussing the problem with Black people not wanting to be Black, Banner said A-list white actors refuse to appear in Black films in order to keep money in their communities, and he thinks that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

“I don’t see a problem [with] racism anymore,” he says on The Breakfast Club Friday, April 21. “White people are supposed to take care of white people first. They supposed to give themselves the Grammys first, the movies first, ’cause don’t lions take care of lions? Tigers take care of tigers? It’s not white people’s racism that’s the problem, it’s Black people’s lack of racism. We’re supposed to be racist, too, and we’re not.”

Banner said the only reason racism matters is because Black people care about what white people think.

“If we didn’t care what white people thought about us in the first place, it wouldn’t matter,” Banner says.

The socially conscious rapper, who stopped by the station to promote his new album “The God Box,” went on to discuss how important it is for Black students to attend historically Black colleges and universities, which have been crippled by financial distress in the past several years.

“If one generation of Black kids got together and said, ‘We all gonna go to HBCUs,’ do you know what that would do to the historically Black colleges?” Banner says. “We have all these so-called Black people and Black leaders excelling in college, but none of them are excelling in African-American studies. … I even told an HBCU that I’m from, ‘How dare you be an HBCU and I learn more at LSU about being African than I did here?’ All we are doing is teaching these people how to be upwardly mobile in white supremacy and not build their own businesses.”

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