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David Banner Presents Interesting Argument for Why He Thinks Whites Hate Black People

YouTuber Jessica Simien posted an interview in March with activist, educator and rapper David Banner discussing Black-on-Black crime, racism, and the real reason white people hate Black people.

Banner made an appearance in Jackson, Mississippi, at Thalia Mara Hall in March as one of the stops on his “Godbox Lecture Series.”

In the nearly 4-minute clip, Banner takes the mic from the interviewer to talk about racism. He says that Black people have the most dominant genes of any race and that our very existence kills white people.

Here is an excerpt:

“… Some white people — a lot of them — hate you because it is survival. You are the dominant gene. If Black people keep having sex at the rate that they do, they will annihilate everybody else in the population …  If you put a Black  and white person together, you will have a Black child.”

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4 thoughts on “David Banner Presents Interesting Argument for Why He Thinks Whites Hate Black People

  1. Ryan Vest says:

    This is not a good analysis. He claims that white people have programmed black people to hate themselves and want to act like white people. That's not true. Blacks in majority white countries are much better off than blacks in majority black countries. Many try to "act like white people" because they recognize that majority white societies have prospered more so than others (freedom, democracy, wealth, etc.).

    Just because blacks have more children than whites, doesn't mean that they're dominant or better, it just means that they reproduce more. It's more likely that the reason white people have an overall negative view of black people is due to their disproportionate use of welfare (32% of welfare recipients vs. 12% of the population) and propensity for violence (over 50% of the murders since 1980 despite being only 12% of the population).

    What this guy is saying may sound good ("whites hate us because they're jealous/scared"), but it isn't truthful and it distracts from useful discourse on race relations.

  2. You are just like him you thought that what you were saying sounded good because you were using concepts and statistics which probably are the result of you taking a sociology class in college but the bad news is that what you're saying makes no sense at all. Welfare did not exist back when my ancestors were slaves yet they were still considered inferior and are still viewed in a negative way today none of the actions that we do today is the reason for white people in general to not like us. Every race acts ignorantly, the cause of the dislike is much deeper. No one knows what made the earliest Caucasians dislike my ancestors because if we did the racial tension would be somewhat resolved right now, but not fully because of slavery. The biggest problem that I have with your response is that you quote certain information and statistics about black people that are correct but your argument was wrong which is hilarious. You can't fully understand what goes on amongst us because you simply are not black we have a totally different culture and you should not even speak on stuff like this because once again you are not black.

  3. Aaron James says:

    Also, why is it that "white societies have prospered more than other". Because whites went around the world raping, stealing resources, murdering and raping for the things that you have. Also, his analysis is correct, as a white person you only represent 16% of the global population. You also have recessive genes, whiles blacks have the most dominant genes. As he said, that's why anytime a black person and a white person have a child, most of the time that child is going to end up as a brown skin person. What happens when miscegenation occurs to the global minority who also has the weakest genes on the planet? Goodbye, to the people who classify themselves as white. So once again, his analysis is correct.

  4. Marge Allen says:

    Rashaud Robinson See you seem to think you are all above ever one

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