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David Banner Presents Interesting Argument for Why He Thinks Whites Hate Black People

YouTuber Jessica Simien posted an interview in March with activist, educator and rapper David Banner discussing Black-on-Black crime, racism, and the real reason white people hate Black people.

Banner made an appearance in Jackson, Mississippi, at Thalia Mara Hall in March as one of the stops on his “Godbox Lecture Series.”

In the nearly 4-minute clip, Banner takes the mic from the interviewer to talk about racism. He says that Black people have the most dominant genes of any race and that our very existence kills white people.

Here is an excerpt:

“… Some white people — a lot of them — hate you because it is survival. You are the dominant gene. If Black people keep having sex at the rate that they do, they will annihilate everybody else in the population …  If you put a Black  and white person together, you will have a Black child.”

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