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David Banner Passionately Calls the Black Community to Task After Trump Win

Let’s get to work.

Posted by David Banner on Wednesday, November 9, 2016


After news broke last night that real estate mogul Donald Trump won the presidency, activist and rapper David Banner took to Facebook to give Black people a wake up call.

In the 12-minute video, Banner urges Black people to relax and organize after the Tuesday’s election. He adds that Trump’s rise may be a good thing for Black people because America’s racism was fully revealed yesterday. This election should inspire Black people to build their own communities, teach their children and even start their own political party.

“… Don’t freak out,” he starts. “… We are way to emotional … They want us to irrational… It really didn’t matter which way it went … The world is really laughing at us man … This may be the best thing that ever happened to Black people may be in history. Now, there is no excuse.”

The Mississippi rapper says that he will start changing himself. The first thing he says is he will embrace being a leader now because people look to him for guidance. Secondly, he will read and study more. And thirdly, Banner admittedly says that he will “tighten up my grasp of the English language.”

He continues to urge Black people to plan for the future, look at local elections, talk to children about the election and stop looking for leaders. But ultimately, he instructs Black people to “do it.”

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