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Charlamagne Eviscerates Jason Whitlock Over ‘Demonizing’ LaVar Ball

Charlamagne Tha God bestowed the dishonor of Donkey of the Day onto Jason Whitlock after Whitlock defended radio host Kristine Leahy against LaVar Ball and the “Black Privilege” author did not hold back.

Leahy and Ball got into it on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” after he took issue with her criticizing his parenting skills, ultimately leading Leahy to question if Ball was threatening her.

Charlamagne initially deemed Leahy the Donkey of the Day and said she played into the “classic age-old example of a white woman demonizing a Black man, and it was that type of demonizing that led to Emmitt Till getting killed.” On “The Herd” Thursday, May 18, Whitlock called the analogy “foolish” and felt LaVar was being “inappropriate” while Leahy “appropriately and professionally pushed back.”

“It’s not a sign of weakness that I’m going to cape up for Kristine,” Whitlock says. “It’s just gonna be a sign of support because some of this is spun in a racial way that I think it difficult for white people to handle.”

“He needs to get dealt with and he’s gonna get dealt with,” Whitlock says of Charlamagne.

“That is a threat, Jason Whitlock,” Charlamagne says on “The Breakfast Club” Friday, May 19. “If you think what LaVar Ball said to your precious Kristine Leahy is a threat then you saying you’re gon’ deal with me is absolutely a threat.”

Charlamagne defended his Till comparison because, he says, “That’s the same kind of energy that got him killed.”

“News like that wouldn’t be hard for white people to happen, Jason Whitlock, if Negroes in positions like you [and] could tell them the truth, told them the truth,” he says. “But you’re too busy demonizing Black people that you don’t seem to understand that.”

The DJ went on to call out Whitlock for deeming Charlamagne “inappropriate” but not criticizing Leahy for “demonizing” Ball and making him out to be a predator.

After Charlamagne pointed other examples of Whitlock criticizing other Black people, including Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James, he concluded by saying Whitlock should lose weight.

“You really love dining on attention and I’m not giving you anymore until you lose 200 pounds,” he says. “I refuse to go back and forth with a man who doesn’t love himself.”

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