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Jason Whitlock Dismisses Kaepernick’s Protest Because Getting Killed by a Cop is ‘Nearly Impossible’ 

On the Sept. 6 edition of FOX Sports One’s “Speak For Yourself,” commentator Jason Whitlock calls San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s protest a fad.

Whitlock believes Kaepernick is only protesting to improve his brand as a QB.

He adds that police brutality is a “hot take” — provocative commentary to spark emotional reaction — and says the violence in Chicago is more pressing.

“… The whole police brutality thing is a hot take,” Whitlock starts. “Everybody loves a hot take because it is good for clicks, retweets, likes and popularity and relevancy … This is the new version of the dab.”

Later on in the clip, the commentator dismisses  Kaepernick’s protest altogether because 500 people have died in Chicago with little to no outrage.

“Five hundred people have been killed in Chicago already … No one is talking about that … Getting killed by a cop is very hard. And if you don’t run from ’em, it’s damn-near impossible.”

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