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Jason Whitlock Praises LeBron James’ Refusal to Protest Anthem But This One Thing Ticks Him Off

On the Sept. 27 edition of FOX Sports One’s “Speak For Yourself,” commentator Jason Whitlock comments on LeBron James’ decision to stand for the national anthem.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star told press Monday that he supports San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s protest. But he plans to stand during the national anthem in the upcoming NBA season. However, prior to that, James responded to the recent cases of police brutality rocking the nation. “You tell your kids that if you just comply … things will work itself out,” he said. “[But] you see these videos that continue to come out. It’s a scary a—- situation… I am not that confident that things [will turn out] well.”

In the segment above, Whitlock dismisses James’ potential fears for his son. Since the beginning of Kaepernick’s protest, Whitlock has become one of his most outspoken critics. He adds that James should worry about his son dying from texting or drinking and driving. However, police brutality rarely happens and should be at the bottom of his list of worries.

“… There are about 50-60 controversial police shootings a year,” Whitlock opines. “That does not add up to eight teenagers a day dying from drinking and driving. If you add in texting and driving … that is the real threat to your child … For a Black teenager, your chance of dying from the hands of another Black teenager is far more likely than the police taking out your child.”

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