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LaVar Ball Promptly Shuts Down Female Radio Host Who Accused Him of Being a Bad Dad, a Misogynist

LaVar Ball butted heads with Kristine Leahy Wednesday after she slammed his parenting skills months ago with the on-air tiff ending in Ball effectively shutting her down.

Ball appeared on “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” Wednesday, May 17, to promote his Big Baller Brand shoe line, which includes a $495 signature shoe by his son, Lonzo, who he hopes will be drafter second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. When the radio show’s host asked how many pairs he had sold, Ball responds, “I’ve sold a good amount, to me.”

“How many?” Leahy asks.

“Stay in your lane,” Ball responds, putting his hand up behind him in Leahy’s direction. “I don’t even worry about her over there. She scares me to death. She said [my son] Lonzo [Ball] scared of me? I don’t look over there … I’m thinking of ‘Saw’ right now.”

Ball’s irritation stems from Leahy’s criticism of Ball’s parenting skills.

“All three sons … they’re being forced to do it, they’re being told ‘You will start basketball at age 6,’ like Lonzo told us,” Leahy says on “Speak for Yourself” Wednesday, March 29. “Whenever you asked him a question I think [Lonzo Ball] said, what, five words? And he looks terrified whenever [LaVar Ball is] talking. He looks genuinely afraid.”

On “The Herd,” LaVar Ball only addressed Coward, telling him he’s sold 400 to 500 pairs of sneakers.

Leahy later told the basketball dad he should create apparel that appeals to women in order to be successful, but the BBB already sells women’s clothing.

LaVar Ball continued to discuss his shoe brand, ignoring Leahy, who accused him of disrespecting women.

“I never disrespect women,” he says. “But I’ll tell you what, if you act like that, guess what? Something’s coming to you, and it’s okay.”

Leahy interpreted the response as a threat, which LaVar Ball shut down.

“See how she’s trying to turn the words?” he says. “I would never threaten you. I don’t know what it is [that’s coming to you]. I’m not a psychic.”

Many have weighed in on the exchange on Twitter.

Several supported LaVar Ball.

Others focused on the way Leahy responded to LaVar Ball.

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