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Twitter Is Roasting Bow Wow, But Why Was Lil’ Mama Thrown in for Extra Laughs?

Bow Wow and Lil' Mama (Flickr)

Bow Wow and Lil’ Mama (Flickr)

Bow Wow – also known as Shad Moss – was the center of a roasting hashtag on Twitter. But fellow rapper Lil’ Mama soon became the target in a harsh way.

Twitter created the #BowWowAintBeenPoppinSince hashtag Thursday after he and his ex-fiance Erica Mena exchanged insults on social media.

The feud began when Mena sat down with Vlad TV and said she and Moss broke up “because I left him.”

She added, “It’s kinda hard to be with someone who’s more damaged than you.”

Bow Wow got upset and posted the clip on his Instagram account accusing her of lying. And when Mena caught wind of the post, she took a dig at Moss’ excuse for why he cannot identify with the 1960s-era Civil Rights Movement. He cited his mixed race as the reason.

As the feud went on, Twitter shared #BowWowAintBeenPoppinSince to put down the rapper’s relevancy.

@SosaSkyWalker referenced “My Wife and Kids” star Jazz Raycole, who played Claire on the sitcom’s first season in 2001.

And @HighLifeCiti said the last time Moss was relevant was when he starred alongside Morris Chestnut in 2002’s “Like Mike.”

But users quickly targeted Lil’ Mama – born Niatia Jessica Kirkland – when the hashtag picked up steam.

@day9day_lewis didn’t think Bow Wow had been popular since Lil’ Mama’s single “Lip Gloss” went gold in 2008.

@Mr_Yuppie took the comparison a step further by saying Bow Wow performed in the music video disguised as Lil’ Mama.

The shade went deeper when Dee shared a meme making fun of the “Sausage” performer.

Young Man followed the same logic, tweeting Bow “transformed into Lil’ Mama.”

Selina Richard tweeted Bow Wow ruined his career by supposedly becoming Lil’ Mama.

At least one user took up for the 5’3″ MC.

Mo wondered why anyone used Lil’ Mama to attack Moss in the first place.

But another reveled in people dragging her.

Social media has viciously targeted Lil’ Mama before. In June, the rapper participated in the #nomakeup movement that was sweeping Hollywood. Spurred by Alicia Keys’ decision to dare to bare, the MC decided to show her natural looks on vacation.

Twitter swiftly attacked her, comparing her to Moss’ look in “Like Mike.” It led the New York native to remove the photo from her Instagram page.

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