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Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeup Movement Apparently Doesn’t Apply to All Natural Beauties

Alicia Keys has returned to music and ushered in a makeup-free look along with it, but her new beauty trend seems to extend to her only as far as the internet is concerned. During a recent trip to Cancun, Lil’ Mama posted videos and selfies sporting a similar all-natural look. One showed her hair styled in two twisted pigtails, her face sans makeup.



The image was shared on Twitter and users were not praising the look.

One person compared her to a CGI character from the 2004 Christmas movie, The Polar Express.

Another stated she looked like Bow Wow’s character from 2002’s Like Mike.

Still, one user believed if the star of 2013’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story simply put her hair in a bun, the Twitter storm would have been avoided.

Backlash on social media caused the rapper, whose real name is Niatia Kirkland, to remove the image. But in response, she posted this message on Instagram June 2.


Question is: Do You Love Yourself?

A photo posted by Lil Mama (@lilmama) on

The criticism aimed at the 26-year-old Brooklyn, New York native starkly contrasts with the praise 35-year-old Keys earned. The singer wrote about her decision to ditch beauty products in favor of embracing her natural appearance.

“Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup,” Keys writes on Lenny Letter. “What if someone wanted a picture?? What if they POSTED it??? These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.”

For a photo shoot for her upcoming album, Keys writes she came straight from the gym in a headscarf when the photographer named Paula said, “I have to shoot you right now, like this! The music is raw and real, and these photos have to be too!”

The star said, “It is the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt.” She decided to continue to perform without makeup and her new image was praised online.

One user gushed about her fresh-faced look.

Another praised the Hell’s Kitchen, New York native for inspiring insecure girls.

And this user hopes Keys continues to ditch makeup.


What people are saying

32 thoughts on “Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeup Movement Apparently Doesn’t Apply to All Natural Beauties

  1. She looks a LOT better without the fakeup.

  2. Beautiful without makeup!

  3. Golan Rowe says:

    Forget dem fools, Lil Mama. Both ladies look good.

  4. Ro Rla says:

    Lil Mama's attractive to me…go ahead n rock them tails

  5. Kim Bush says:

    Why is the media so mean to her….I think shes a beautiful young lady….

  6. Susan Clare says:

    They both look gorgeous! I WISH I looked as fresh-faced as lil-mama with no makeup on, that complexion is perfect! We've gotten so used to demanding perfection from women that we can't even appreciate natural beauty anymore. Like the article says: A smile, a beautiful personality, these things shine through 🙂
    When I think about what features have really attracted me to the guys I've been crazy about- it's something so random like a crooked-toothed smile, or expressive eyebrows- I realised it's always something that reflects the personality underneath that's what I'm really attracted to. Show me a pic of a perfectly proportioned man and after a while- yawn- I may as well be looking at a Ken-doll.
    Let's start recognising women's beauty the same way.

  7. Susan Clare says:

    The irony is that many other women will probably be looking and be jealous of the curves and the full lips and hair- I know I don't see the things in myself that others compliment! The beauty industry wants us all to hate ourselves so we buy thier products trying to change- in India bleaching creams are one of the top beauty products, in the UK it's fake tan! Women are trying to change their shape, colour, texture… it's so sad! And pointless. Trends will change again. When I was in school I was teased for having a big butt, now it's 'in fashion'. I like to think we're moving into a new era of acceptance of all body types, but I suspect that there'll be a new trendy female body part in a few years that girls will be trying to aspire to enlarging or shrinking!

  8. Ann Despang says:

    didn't realise she had so many freckles…so cute & youthful

  9. Ebony L Coe says:

    Nothing wrong with how lil' mama looks down to her 2 plaits….some people are dumb for no reason.

  10. It's not people, unfortunately, it's other black women. So sad that we don't love ourselves or our sisters. Both of them look beautiful, shameful that people bully lil mama so much.

  11. I LOVE the no make up look. All the negative comments are from those insecure of their own self beauty and are sticking to a book definition of beauty. Just like art… beauty is what you make it.

  12. Lil' Mama looked really pretty with no makeup, what is wrong with us as a people?

  13. lil Mama you look good baby,

  14. Shawn Mc says:

    LaShé Ingram you damn right its other black women, im glad someone admitted it,

  15. Shawn Mc says:

    because she dont have european features , black women are the ones with the most negtaive comments on social media

  16. Shawn Mc says:

    its the culture of always cracking jokes on people, lil mama doesnt have european features so shes to be joked on,
    alica wont get those comments because she looks white

  17. LaShé Ingram yet you say nothing about many many the positive messages from black women on both images. let's stop focusing on the negative!

  18. SOME black people want to be respresented just as long as she's lightskin with fine wave/ curly hair.. obvisouly the ones who are commenting are not all over natural, they just don't like lil mama, or they don't like their black cannot bash one natural over another when they're equally both natural.. it simply comes down to black people still preferring lighter skin and less black features as the ideal black.

  19. They are both beautiful, but I think people are forgetting that Alicia was bashed for years for having an acne problem. Now, she is able to accept herself, flaws and all. Again, they are both very beautiful women.

  20. We all know that the number on hater of women are other women

  21. The number one hater of women….. other women

  22. Toussaint Gauvin So true..

  23. Shawn Mc Exactly..

  24. Shawn Mc I scrolled all the way down to see if there was comment like this. IT'S THE CULTURE…OF LIL MAMMA. The LIL MAMA fans are NOT for the most part those who follow Alicia Keys. I would be surprised if those commenting on LIL MAMA were above 30. This CULTURE loves cracking jokes about anything and could not offer a productive comment if you handed it to them on a silver platter. They are the most VILE when they "come for you" and I would say the most self- self hating. (Which seems so backwards for some reason)

    Alicia Keys COLLECTIVE audience is not the same. Even those here who have praise for LIL MAMA only by what I can see from their pic seem a bit older and mature. Its the sickening CULTURE of today that would attack her and others with such stupid comments. Jokes, not serious comments at all. Even if you didn't like her look, really; "she look like….. You mamma so fat…….." Just stupid, immature like "comments" and when you add self hating to it…..SMH.


  25. Léa Imare says:

    People who wear makeup are not all insecure.
    I'm glad that it makes her happier not to wear makeup, but wearing makeup doesn't make someone weak, it just means they wear makeup to express themselves.

    Just like wearing clothes. Otherwise we'd all be naked or wearing identical sacks.

  26. First, the majority of black women are obese, single, feminist and are proselytes. Now, they don't want to wear makeup or do their hair? Once again, #proselytes never do anything that is good for their selves and their people. Yes, some women look amazing without makeup. Most don't……..unless you live in #Hawaii.

  27. Black proselyte women want to rebel so they start by not doing their hair or wearing makeup. #SMH Why not start with losing weight first or stop being proselytes?

  28. Susan Clare You're right Susan. Fashion and beauty standards vary around the world, but still on polls, black women are considered the least desirable in the world. Many countries around the world have a negative perception of black women and don't think many are attractive.

  29. Angie Wallace The fact is there shouldn't really BE any negative. Believe it or not, the negative has a stronger affect on the brain than the positive because most people want to avoid pain. The fact that some black people have the nerve to even say something negative is a problem.

  30. Do you wear make-up and do your hair? If you're not looking like nothing, don't shame someone else. #doublestandards Make-up is not always good for the skin. It's healthier to keep a fresh face. Obesity is a problem, but make-up is the opposite of healthy, so your whole comment just shows you're scared of change. If most women don't look amazing without make-up, isn't it important for these women to tell the truth instead of living a lie and faking it like they are natural? Most men don't wear make-up. Maybe that's why it's harder for them to get women, since they show their imperfections. But they are always real.

  31. Black men were that way to begin with. They are more obsese than women, have the largest number of those with heart disease and hypertension, and refuse to groom themselves by cutting their hair and shaving their beards, which seems to be the trend lately. They wear their pants sagging and bagging, showing their underwear with no belt. They have no sense of propriety. And yet, #doublestandards No one says anything. To bad. If you don't like the real person, that's your problem for thinking life should be a fantasy.

  32. Koolkat Henderson You are a #proselyte. Your thoughts, opinions or existence does not count.

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