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Bow Wow Tweets About Not Identifying with Black Ancestors Because of His Mixed Ancestry: ‘I Only Know What I See!’




Rapper-actor Bow Wow – also known as Shad Moss – took time yesterday to answer questions from fans on Twitter. In his discussion, he revealed his plans not to vote in this year’s presidential election. But the bulk of the conversation focused on his race.

A fan asked the former star of CBS’ “CSI: Cyber” if he was in favor of Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I don’t really care,” Bow answered.

User MSF told the artist he should care because of the sacrifices his African-American ancestors made to give him the right to vote.

But Bow Wow responded by letting the fan know about his mixed heritage and denied his ancestors died to earn voting rights, saying, “I don’t know what my ancestors was doing. I only know what I see!”

The fan questioned Moss’ lack of knowledge about the Civil Rights Movement.

And Moss explained his entire family is not Black. The fan then asked if his mixed heritage meant he was unable to relate to the struggles faced by past generations that allowed him to achieve his success.

But the TV host stuck to his original statement about only being able to “believe what my own eyes see,” once again mentioning his background.

When asked what his mixed race has to do with him voting, Bow Wow explained his father’s side of the family was white and Native American.

A fan accuses the MC of believing “it’s bad to be full black.”

But he points out he would never disown his Blackness.

Moss later reveals grandmother is not Black and his grandfather was mixed.

He also said his cousins all have blonde hair and his nephew looks like white pop star Justin Bieber.

In case any fans had any doubts about his heritage, Moss posted his dad’s photo on Instagram for proof.

What people are saying

32 thoughts on “Bow Wow Tweets About Not Identifying with Black Ancestors Because of His Mixed Ancestry: ‘I Only Know What I See!’

  1. Kevin Harris says:

    yes indeed!!!!!

  2. Connie Scott says:

    Shad Moss (BOW WOW), or whatever you want to call yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself, but oneday hopefully you will understand. You keep talking about your dad, and his side of your family, Uhm what about your mother? she must be black. Son you need to grow up and fast, if you got stop by the police they would consider you BLACK, you look BLACK so don't get it twisted, and besides being BLACK is being proud, great and honorable that the blood shed of so many of our ancestors and others are not on our hands, but the hands of the ones you so much respect and want to be. BOY GET A REAL LIFE!!

  3. Here's the problem, his brain is not registering what he is "seeing". The reality is "lightskinned" blacks or those with "mixed" ancestry are most likely that way because of racism; White men rapping African women and Native American women. There was no "love fest" in the Americas that produced the shades we see today, only heinous acts by heinous men. I am lightskinned and will be the first to tell you of course I'm going to speak up for the African-American experience here in this country; I've got skin in the game and everytime I look in the mirror, I see that!

  4. Wm Hankerson says:

    So I'm wondering what it is that he's seeing nowadays.

  5. Wm Hankerson says:

    Too many of our Black celebrities and influentials claiming not to be politically conscious. Theyought to be culturally ostracized.

  6. Kevin Harris says:

    yes indeed!!!!!

  7. BOWOW is a Black man when its "convenient" for him to be Black man. I bet you most people in the Black community and whyte people never knew that " LITTLE BOO WOO" consisted himself a so called "mixed" person and NOT a Black Person. I can tell you what little these gotdamn redneck cops and whyte people still think you are little bowow, …….. a GOTDAMN NIGGER.

  8. Michael Fox says:

    If Bow wow or his father were pulled over for a broken tail light by the police, the police report would indicate that the race of the person relieving the summons is Black. Not mixed not part Native American but black. I would imagine that Bow wow and quite a bit of my African American people would be upset if they ever herd or saw Harvard professor skip Gates ( Friend of Obama ) who's TV series about finding ancestry, not to long ago Said that the genetic make up of 97% of African Americans is 75% African 25% white/ European and there are about 3 % of black people floating around who actually have a very small amount of Indian blood in them, in other words the old family story that most black Americans have passed down from generation to generation about THERE GRANDMOTHER HAVING INDIAN BLOOD IN HER BECAUSE SHE HAD STRAIGHT HAIR IS AT BEST AN OLD FAMILY TAIL PASSED DOWN FROM GENEARTION TO GENERATION. Has any of us ever took a second to notice that when ever a we ( Black Americans ) tell the story of having Indian blood in our ancestry it's always and I mean always from our grand mother or great mother ( strange at best ) A least according to GENETIC TESTING there is no science that suggest that we have Indian blood in us. We are for the most part 75% African and 20-25% white/ European. 1% of us have about 3% Indian blood.

  9. Joelyn Hill says:

    Is he stupid or what.?

  10. Bow Wow's father looks like a light skinned Black man with a processed hair do known as a konk. He would never be considered anything other than Black in America as would his son "little Bow Wow".

  11. Nah keep that biracial shit to yaself.

  12. The bourgeoisie celebrities do not share the mistreatment and condition of the majority of African Americans, and it has nothing to do with being mixed, Michael Jordan who is as dark as can be told you the same thing in his recent letter he doesn't share that experience of police abuse. Forget about these bourgeoisie, they will not help nor do they care about us.

  13. James Green says:

    Wow!! damn hhahahaha S.H.M.F.H.!! wow!!

  14. Dre Mosley says:

    Ok, "Mr. Mixed." Get pulled over by a dirty cop and we'll see how "not black" you are, LOL.

  15. Mike Dees says:

    If he's only "half" black and doesn't identify with his black side, why does he talk street and appropriate black culture to make a living? He's might be half black but he sure as hell is a whole hypocrite.

  16. Mike Dees says:

    Hernan Dayoleary Actually she's right. Most black people in America have at least some European, Latin, or Native American blood. Not that it matters. The police don't ask for a DNA test before they jack you.

  17. Mike Dees says:

    Point to this man. My great grand mother was extremely light skinned with light hazel eyes. I was told she was half Indian. There were no tribes anywhere near where she was born. But her mother was a slave. So you the rest fill in.

  18. Hernan Dayoleary do your ancestrry! You might find a U S president. .I'm not saying AA are biracial; but, that we have mixed races in our genes.

  19. Chad Scott says:

    If he knew anything about indigenous people in America then we would know that they were reclassified as negro/black/colored etc by the government.

  20. Mike Dees Right based off of what? I've seen no evidence of this, and bLACKS ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS

  21. Carolyn Walton I did the problem is how dna companies interpret dna ancestry. They say r1 is a european gene, rather than recognizing it occurs indigenously in west africa.

  22. Mike Dees says:

    Herman I could give two shits and a bowl of chips about what you see evidence of. There are scientific communities studying the human genome who track such things. And no Africans are not Native to America. Neither are Europeans for that matter. The archelogical record doesn't support any such claim.

  23. I am from Columbus, OH..the same place Shad is from and I know his people and they are black…in all ways. He is clearly dillusional as well as ignorant. We apologize for his coonery.

  24. Mike Dees So where is your sciencetific evidence on your bowl of shit and chips. Cite it

  25. Carolyn Walton He doesn't have one, cause he is full of shit. Dr. Ivan van Sertime and Dr. Nuede both write about blacks being the first in the america's based off evidence.


  27. Mike Dees Where is this so called scientific community, you really mean the white community. The same scientific community you claim produced the exhibit of Luzia of Brazil was a black woman and the first person in the Americas.

  28. by the way his father photo show a mixer of black and white my great grand father could pass for white with blue eyes but he didn't because he was true to the product he was born from rape but he was a strong black man with no shame or fear and he is held high in ours family tree see we all got to come from something in order to got to where we are going so i'am what you see a part of that product a human being who happen to show his african genes more then the others genes but i'm black

  29. A true example of the miseducation of the negro.

  30. Ava Brown says:

    Us back people can certainly stop buying ANYTHING he's selling because we're black and we identify as black. Does he NOT think most of us have other races in our families also? Wow, on BOTH sides of MY family there is black, white, Mexican and Indian (that we know of) so why does he think he's different? I bet MOST of us can say the same dang thing. But please…LET HIM GO!

  31. Ava Brown Thank you! Black people have the most diverse DNA on the planet. Sub-saharan Africa is the birthplace of mankind. I'm surprised he's even relavant anymore. LOL! I wouldn't pay one red cent for anything he created, and I most definitely have dismissed him. Yes! LET HIM GO!

  32. Leave this dude alone, he's just a boy. If the table switches around and it happens blacks are whites like right now, he'll certainly identify as black. Its not because of him I've decided to drop a word but white folks. Remember the story of Phar·aoh and learn before you drown yourselfs. Stay off the Sun or get withered.

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