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8 Celebrities Who Suffered Embarrassing Lace Front Wig Mishaps

Lace-front wigs are an unfortunate staple for some Black women. Lace fronts are often a quick fix, they shield one’s own hair from damage, and if applied properly give the appearance of a natural hairline.

However, there are serious health problems associated with this style choice that deflate all of the conveniences.

For instance, to keep the wig in place, the lace has to be applied around the edges and nape of the neck with either adhesive or highly toxic glue. The application of either can cause hair loss, bacterial infection and skin discoloration.

Aside from those risks, aesthetically, lace fronts often fall short of achieving a polished look.

There are many photos circulating on the Internet of the women we adore with embarrassing glue marks, hairlines hovering just above their eyebrows and altogether unnatural appearances.

Here are eight celebrity women who we encourage to ditch lace fronts for healthier, better looking style options.

Photo: Beyonce Now


When you are a high-profile singer like Beyonce, hair faux pas are not good for business. Her puckered skin from glue around her temples, illustrated in this photo, looks pretty painful. It’s also an embarrassing reason for her fans to remember her performance.

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