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Kanye West Sued For Attack On Photographer While Celebs Show Support

Kanye West is getting sued after he lashed out at an angry photographer last month at LAX,  now the paparazzo is claiming that Mr. West left him in crutches. While the paparazzo believes the attack was clearly unprovoked, tons of other celebrities spoke up on Kanye’s behalf, claiming that the photog got what he deserved.

Let’s be honest. Now more than ever, the line between seeking a story for entertainment news and being an annoying, overbearing stalker, is blurred. So when one cameraman refused to get his camera out of Kanye’s face, the new dad lashed out and tried to shove the camera to the ground.

This is nowhere near the first time Yeezy has attacked a photographer, but it is one of the first times he’ll be getting slapped with a serious lawsuit.

Photographer Daniel Ramos and his lawyer Gloria Allred sat down for a news conference on Wednesday, where Allred revealed that the accusations they are making against Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend are quite serious.

In addition to assault and battery, Allred claims that the “New Slaves” rapper also violated her client’s civil right to free speech.

Instead of describing the true essence of being a part of the paparazzi, Daniel called himself a “filmmaker” and claimed that he has the right to film Kanye because it was for artistic purposes. Really?

His attorney is also calling out every celebrity who spoke up on Kanye’s behalf after the attack.

According to Allred, the celebrities praising Mr. West on Twitter will only lead to more violence against cameramen.

Of course, after Justin Bieber, Halle Berry and even Chris Brown made the news for their own attacks on the paparazzi, it’s pretty clear that Kanye’s attack can’t be blamed for all future ill feelings towards the privacy-invading cameramen.

As Cher tweeted, the cameramen are guilty of “stealing” something extremely precious from their famous subjects and it’s no surprise that eventually some people can’t it take anymore.

“DEAR KANYE, THANK U, 4 TRASHING THOSE LOATHSOME PARASITES, WHO STEAL OUT MOST PRESCIOUS GIFTS, “TIME & PRIVACY” WE CAN NEVER GET THOSE BACK,” the songstress tweeted after news broke that ‘Ye attempted to smash the man’s camera.

While being famous certainly comes with a lot of media attention, and nobody should rush into the limelight expecting to have as much privacy as they did before, celebrities are fed up with the disrespect they have faced lately when it comes to the paparazzi.

With many photographers following celebrities’ children or using telescopic lenses to spy on stars while they are in their own home, it seems like Kanye’s anger was actually justified for once.

Meanwhile, Yeezy is also dealing with the fact that it is time to debut North West’s face to the world.

Kris Jenner is continuing to use her daughters’ lives to save her failing summer talk show, and this time she has Kanye himself sitting down for an interview.

Despite all the rumors that suggest the pair actually doesn’t get along too well, Kris revealed that Kanye and Kim are still living at her home as their own home is being renovated.

The biggest surprise of all, and the trick to get people to tune in, is the rumor that Mr. West will be revealing a baby picture of his daughter North.

That’s right. Kimye refused to sell the baby pictures, but they don’t mind using it to save Kris’ new talk show.

Of course, after the first North West reveal, which turned out to be nothing more than a scam, people shouldn’t be too eager to tune in to catch a first glimpse of Kanye’s baby girl.


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