Kim Kardashian Makes Virtual Post-Baby Appearance After Sparking Feminism Debate

Kim Kardashian has finally decided to show her face again after giving birth to daughter North West, but she still wasn’t spotted out and about. Meanwhile, Kim K has become the center of a new debate on feminism after one author suggested she was the “overlooked face of feminism.”

Kim K made one thing very clear after giving birth to her daughter by Kanye West – the world will not see her until her hourglass figure has returned.

Of course, that’s not what she’s saying. According to Kim, she’s staying in the shadows because she just wants to spend tons of time with her baby girl.

Either way, she has finally made an appearance again since giving birth, as she joined her mother’s talk show,“Kris,” via a pre-recorded message.

“Hey mom, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new show,” the curvy reality star said in the video. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person, but I’m just loving life a little bit too much at home right now.”

She also said that she watches her mother’s show “every single day” and said she was “so amazing” and “born to do this.”

While there are quite a few people who would beg to differ, Kim’s video was still enough to make Kris Jenner happy with her new show.

“You did make me cry… Thank you Kimmy,” she said as she wiped her joyful tears away.

Apparently the video pulled her heart strings so much that she couldn’t even finish giving out the thanks at the end of the show without her special guest host, Diddy—who had to wrap things up.

Either way, the message is also proof that Kris Jenner’s career is truly non-existent without her famous daughters. After being on the air for weeks now she has still yet to have a show that didn’t involve one of her daughters in some way or another.

Meanwhile, Kim has still been sparking up some serious debate despite the fact that she has been in hiding from the media limelight for a little while.

Her beauty-based career and decision to “take advantage of her sexuality” has caused writer Sundi Sundaram to suggest Kanye’s boo is actually the “overlooked face of feminism,” but it wasn’t long before Jezebel took that theory and tore it to shreds.

Sundaram believes that the middle Kardashian sister took advantage of the media spotlight and took control of the way her sexuality was portrayed in the media, which makes her a great representation of a new brand of feminism. It’s an argument that mirrors the theory that “Sex in the City” is a staple TV program in understanding and portraying feminism because it shows women taking part in one night stands with multiple partners because they desired to do so while still maintaining healthy lifestyles and careers.

Kim Kardashian center of feminism debate

The theory was definitely far-fetched for many people who have followed Kim’s road to stardom, but nobody explained it quite as well as blogger, Tracie Egan Morrissey.

In the Jezebel article, she responded by writing nothing about Kim is “specifically feminist” and that the way she markets herself is completely contradictory to the feminism agenda.

According to Morrissey, Kardashian uses her beauty and other women’s insecurities to make a profit. Her entire career seems to be based on the concept that she is the image of beauty and other women who don’t look like her need to buy cosmetics, clothes and jewelry that will help them be a little more like her – a little more beautiful.

In a flawless analogy, she says the way Kim is “commodifying women’s insecurities” is just like “someone breaking your legs and then trying to sell you crutches.”

So where do you stand on the debate? Is Kim an example of taking control of your sexuality or is she just trying to take advantage of women who don’t see just how beautiful they really are?

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