Kevin Hart and Wife Eniko Appear Unbothered as Ex-Assistant Threatening to Expose Bombshell Cheating Scandal Fights to Get NDA Thrown Out

Mega movie star and entrepreneur Kevin Hart is in Greece celebrating his 45th birthday with his wife, Eniko Hart, friends and family.

The father of four is living his best life, according to his Instagram after posting a short clip of him dancing to “Birthday B—ch” by Trap Beckham as someone recorded with their camera. In one hand, he holds a boombox and in the other, he holds a bottle of his Gran Coramino Reposado from his alcohol brand.

Kevin hart accused of cheating on his wife
Comedian Kevin Hart goes all out on birthday vacation with wife Eniko as his former assistant remains stalled in court following defamation suit. (Photos: @enikohart/Instagram)

“It’s my B Day B—ch!!!!! Drinking @grancoramino all f—king DAY!!!!! This is 45 …. #LiveLoveLaugh 5 inch shorts all summer,” he captioned his post, nodding to a recent interest by his fans in him wearing tight shorts.

His wife also shared a sweet tribute including photos of the two together and a video featuring cardboard cutouts of herself and Hart’s four children. Eniko also shared a video of herself and the “Lift” actor on the dance floor cutting up as friends cheered them on.

“Happy birthday hubby! I love you more every day! another beautiful day in celebration of you and we’re still going!” she captioned the post.

One person replied, “Not the cut outs! lol…love it! happy birthday old head! Them knees still in they prime!” Another made reference to Hart previously apologizing in a video for cheating on Eniko while she was pregnant with their first child in 2017, “writing, “Nga still apologizing.”

While the “Me Time” actor and his wife danced it up in the Mediterranean, his former assistant, Miesha Shakes, is hoping that a California judge sides with her regarding an alleged breach of contract after he sued her for defamation.

Shakes is accused of breaking a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed in 2020 after she stopped working for the Hollywood entertainer and delivered a tell-all interview to one of the most popular gossip channels on YouTube, “Unwine with Tasha K.”

In December 2023, Hart alleged in a lawsuit that both Shakes and Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, attempted to conspire to ruin his reputation by airing a damning preview interview that reflected poorly on his character.

He contends that Shakes not only damaged his “family-friendly” image with her claims about his personal life and allegation he recorded video of himself cheating, but she also breached her NDA by participating in the bombshell interview and telling his business.

“Working in the entertainment industry, my livelihood depends in large part on my reputation and the public’s perception of me,” he said to the courts. “That perception is of particular concern in light of the fact that I am involved in a number of family-oriented projects, such as the ‘Jumanji franchise, ‘Fatherhood,’ ‘Captain Underpants,’ ‘The Secret Life of Pets,’ and others.”

Hart added, “I also endorse various national brands, and those endorsement deals depend in part on a public perception of my reputation, respectability, and character.”

Shakes is seeking to nullify the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed after leaving her job of three years with the renowned comedian. At the core of her argument to the court is that her mental state was compromised at the time of the signing, thus the legally binding contract should be voided.

Details of this NDA were included in the lawsuit against Shakes, YouTuber Tasha K, and Yellen Entertainment, showing her tenure of employment lasted from 2017 to 2020.

The document stipulated that Hart would pay Shakes $30,000 annually for three years and provide health insurance during that period. In return, Shakes agreed not to speak about Hart or disclose information learned during her time working with him.

She was also prohibited from exploiting Hart’s name without his consent. This, Hart believes, was disregarded when she spilled her “wine” on Tasha K’s popular platform.

As first reported as early as February of this year, Shakes told a court that she wasn’t in the right mind when she signed the agreement and that Hart knew that and still pushed her to sign.

“At the time of signing the NDA, I was suffering from significant mental health issues and was under considerable financial distress due to my unemployment,” she said, according to In Touch. “Hart was fully aware of my ongoing health issues and critical need for health insurance and funds, as I could not afford health insurance or my prescribed medications.”

The former assistant also claimed she was unaware of the confidentiality clause within the agreement.

Hart and his team got wind of the interview before it was published and took several actions to try to prevent it from airing.

Initially, according to Hart, someone allegedly reached out to them from Tasha K’s company and offered an opportunity to stop the release — for a quarter million dollars in November 2023. Instead of paying the $250,000, Hart’s team reported the incident to the police, and his legal team sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tasha K. Both Shakes and Tasha K denies this blackmail allegation.

“You have already engaged in criminal conduct and tortious acts that would entitle Mr. Hart to monetary damages against you should he elect to commence civil litigation regarding this matter,” the letter stated. “To the extent that you do not cease and desist now, your liability for such monetary damages will increase, as will your exposure to criminal penalties.”

Shakes claims she “had no knowledge or involvement in any such alleged call to a ‘Hart representative’ allegedly demanding $250,000. In fact, I did not contact Plaintiffs following my participation in the Interview.”

Despite this, the interview was still released on Tasha’s site as scheduled.

After the episode’s airing, Hart said his ex-employee spread lies about his character. Shakes told Tasha K, who recently lost a defamation lawsuit against rapper Cardi B, that not only was the comic a gambling addict, a cheater, and was facing criminal charges because he secretly recorded a sexual encounter with a partner outside of his marriage, but that he paid millions to get out of a DUI lawsuit.

Hart has also tried to get Shakes’ interview taken down. However, the court denied his request for an injunction to force Tasha K to remove the interview from her popular YouTube and website, where she primarily discusses celebrity gossip.

The case is ongoing as both sides continue their legal battle.

However, one side is not as stressed out as the next. More video clips from Hart’s birthday shenanigans have begun to go viral online and it seems as though the case is far from the celebrity’s mind.

One of 2cool2blog’s fans said, “Cancers we just Different,” nothing how carefree Hart appears.

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