‘I’m Rich Because of Him’: How Katt Williams Made It Rain $10,000 at Red Grant’s Wedding and Sparked Comedian’s Wife to Retire Early

Katt Williams has jokingly been blamed for opening the dark and chaotic portal that ushered in 2024, but to many of his peers, he is known as a stand-up guy.

The comedic provocateur sent social media into a frenzy for weeks when he called out Hollywood personalities such as Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and Kevin Hart for being morally corrupt stars on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast in January. 

In subsequent months, celebrities like Mo’Nique, Gary Owen, and others have praised the Ohio native for lending them a helping hand in their times of need and giving them opportunities to grow their careers. Comedian Red Grant is one of those people who has shared the positive impact Williams has had in his life.

Katt Williams (R) gets his flowers from fellow comedian Red Grant (L) over two decades after touring together. (Photos: @redgrant/Instagram ; @kattwilliams/Instagram)
Katt Williams (R) gets his flowers from fellow comedian Red Grant (L) over two decades after touring together. (Photos: @redgrant/Instagram ; @kattwilliams/Instagram)

“I’m rich because of him. I have a new home because of him. My wife is retired because of him. My kids go to great private schools now because of that. He has put money in my family’s account,” he told Real Lyfe Street Starz in a June 27 sit-down interview.   

Grant recalled that Williams was a memorable guest at his and his wife Noell Grant’s 2007 wedding. He said the comic threw $10,000 onto the dance floor and only allowed kids to collect the money, echoing a sentiment that others have shared about the actor’s generosity.

He previously told the outlet that Williams was responsible for ending his two-year hiatus from telling jokes. “Me and Katt got a real friendship…that’s my friend, and he’s blessed me, not only financially, but he’s blessed me [by] opening up his audience to me,” he said.

Grant said they met and began working together when Williams hosted comedy nights at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles. He claimed they connected later at Luenell’s party, where Williams asked Grant to join him on tour. This was also before Williams’ 2006 HBO special, “The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1,” which Luenell and Grant both starred in.

The former Viacom producer shared the clip of his recent remarks on Instagram. His caption read, “When you have real God-spirited friends like Mr. @kattwilliams, they open doors for you, and when you get in, you in turn open doors for others…It’s hard to find real friendships out in this world, and I appreciate your kindness and truth over the last 20 years.”

This act of goodwill follows Mo’Nique revealing on the same platform that interviewed Williams that he took care of her co-star, Yvette Wilson, who played Andell Wilkerson in “The Parkers.”

Wilson sadly lost her battle with stage 4 cervical cancer and kidney disease in 2012, and Mo’Nique told Shannon Sharpe that Williams “took care of that sister until she left this earth.”

Social media users accepted these anecdotes as more proof of the “Friday After Next” star’s character. “WHAT’S CRAZY IS THIS IS CONSISTENTLY THE TALES OF KATT WILLIAMS AS A GREAT FRIEND AND INDIVIDUAL,” one fan wrote.

A second comment stated, “I love how you gave Katt his flowers. You’re definitely one of the few solid guys in the game!”

Williams and Grant friends have previously shared the screen in the 2008 comedy flick “First Sunday,” starring Ice Cube. Grant also appeared in 2007’s “Katt Williams: American Hustle” special and Williams’ now-concluded “Dark Matter Tour.”

Fans hoping to catch Williams live can do so when he hits the stage as part of 50 Cent’s Humor & Harmony: Big Bowl Comedy Show in Shreveport, Louisiana, in August and again next year when the comedian kicks off his Heaven On Earth tour in January.

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