Diddy Hops on His Private Jet to Undisclosed Destination, Fans Believe He’s ‘Fleeing’ Amid Latest Sex Trafficking Lawsuit

Disgraced hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs appears unfazed by the active lawsuits alleging sex trafficking, sexual assault and other crimes, as he continues to flaunt his wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

The embattled father of five seems to be living his best life, at least according to his social media.
However, amidst ongoing legal troubles and yet another lawsuit, many worry where his crisis manager is, advising him to keep a low profile as the prosecutors sort through the nastiest accusations that are poised to further crumble his legacy.

Diddy’s lawyer shares statement following latest lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and harassment of male producer. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Early Saturday morning, around 1 a.m. ET, Diddy shared an Instagram Story video of himself boarding a sleek, black private jet.

In the short clip, Combs, 54, greeted the pilot asking, “How you doing?”

The pilot responded kindly, “How are you?” The two are seen fist bumping. The camera then panned to a custom rug emblazoned with “Combs Air,” before he ascended the steps and remarked, “There’s no place like home.”

The “All About the Benjamins” artist kept his destination a mystery, not disclosing whether he was coming or going.

Hollywood Unlocked posted the clip on its Instagram profile, and many chimed in with varying views.

Some believed this was a failed attempt to get attention, writing, “He’s not that guy anymore, yet he’s still trying.”


A third comment continued to poke fun at Diddy’s woes, posting, “That’s the last time you will see him lmao he’s fleeing catch him if you can.”

Others asked for the public to relax and allow him to enjoy his life as the feds handle their business.

“What he supposed to stop living….. People are just too obsessed with him.. let the justice system deal with this situation. Meanwhile, fix your own lives,” one commented, as another said, “This man has not be indicted or charged with anything. Give the mess a rest!”

Just days before this post, Diddy was spotted whitewater rafting near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the Dana Tran, mother of his youngest child, and another associate over the weekend of June 29-30. They braved the class 2 or 3 rapids of the Snake River, a destination popular among high-profile personalities such as former President Bill Clinton, Rihanna, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre.

Pictures of the excursion hit the net showing the Bad Boys producer having the time of his life. But not everyone thinks this is a good look for the troubled celebrity.

Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, commented to Fox News Digital that while Combs’ rafting escapade didn’t break any laws and isn’t admissible in court, it certainly doesn’t help his public image.

“Diddy’s rafting is a bad look, but it’s not admissible as evidence, so it won’t affect the case,” Rahmani said. “It’s more bad PR than anything. Diddy is losing badly in the court of public opinion.”

Despite his public displays of wealth and leisure, Diddy’s legal troubles continue to mount. On Wednesday, he was hit with another lawsuit alleging sexual assault and sex trafficking, the ninth in a series of legal battles since Cassie Ventura’s initial lawsuit was filed last year.

The most recent suit, filed in New York by former adult film star Adria English, accuses Combs of forcing her into prostitution and drug use at his infamous “white parties” between 2006 and 2009.

In response, Combs’ attorney Jonathan Davis labeled English’s allegations as “baseless” in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

“No matter how many lawsuits are filed, it won’t change the fact that Mr. Combs has never sexually assaulted or sex trafficked anyone,” Davis told the magazine. “We live in a world where anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason and without any proof. Fortunately, a fair and impartial judicial process exists to find the truth and Mr. Combs is confident he will prevail against these and other baseless claims in court.”

While Diddy has not been charged and remains free to travel, his frequent trips and luxurious lifestyle are drawing scrutiny. Some speculate he might attempt to flee if authorities move to arrest him. This is not the first time his private plane has made headlines. Following a home raid in March, Diddy took a quick trip to the Caribbean island of Antigua, leading to speculation he was escaping, though it turned out to be a pre-arranged visit.

As his legal drama unfolds, the world watches to see how Diddy manages his appearance, both in the court of law and public opinion.

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