‘I Lost It’: Tina Knowles Reveals Shocking Story About Young Beyonce Going Crazy with a Pair of Scissors

The creatives over at Beyoncé’s Cécred might be feeling the heat weeks after Rihanna dropped her new Fenty Hair line and a video detailing her wash routine. One way to ramp up marketing Bey’s brand is through their new short segments dubbed “Who’s in the Cécred Salon?”

Bey’s mother, Tina Knowles, often shares footage of her doing the hair of various celebrity clients and friends on her Instagram page as well as Cécred’s. Guests come to get some tender love from the longtime hairstylist and Dr. Kari, the director of education at the salon.

Beyoncé cut her hair
Tina Knowles defends claims about daughter Beyoncé’s natural hair. (Photos: @mstinalawson/Instagram; nealfarinah/Instagram)

This week, Grammy-winning singer Victoria Monét paid a visit to the salon, where she revealed that she has seborrheic dermatitis on her scalp, which she describes as a “form of ezecma for the scalp.”

Knowles began applying the clarifying shampoo and scalp rub to Monét‘s head, while revealing that it was specifically made for Beyoncé, who has had eczema, a chronic, non-infectious skin condition that causes scaly, greasy, and sometimes itchy skin patches, since she was a little kid.

“She got it from her dad not me,” said Ms. Tina. But that was not the tea that had everyone talking. After the “On My Mama” chart-topper asked her to share her craziest salon story, Knowles shared an adorable story about her eldest child snipping her hair as a little girl.

“When Beyoncé was little, she cut her [hair],” Knowles said. “Do you remember that hairstyle that was the two ponytails up here [in the front] and the one in the back?”

“So, she saw me doing bonding. It was brand new and my cousin had me doing bonding on her hair. So she cut both her ponytails off and came and handed them to me and she was like, ‘Put these back on,’ because she thought you could just put your hair back on. I lost it.”

Black Twitter exploded, understanding Ms. Tina’s pain, noting that other children have also cut their hair at a young age.

“Lmaoo why do kids like cutting their hair,” one person asked. Another joked, “Beyoncé was a menace as a child.”

A third comment read, “Kids be doing some wild s—t and it be so innocent, I’ve had my moments as well bey from the stories I heard.”

Some members of the Beyhive seemed to have been more sympathetic to Queen Bey.

“Now why she telling her business like that,” one X user asked, as another blasted, “Mama tina could choose a different story but she stay doing Bey dirty.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone knows Ms. Tina is a mama bear and super protective about her cubs, especially her Grammy-winning daughter.

Considering the many times on social media when folk tried to clock the “Renaissance” singer, her mom never sits on the sidelines or joins in the dragging. Instead, she claps back.

Sometimes, Mama Knowles claps back, just like the time she took to Instagram to confirm that the Destiny’s Child founding member always had some length to her tresses.

Fans have speculated for years about the true length of Beyoncé’s natural hair. Recently, critics claimed she was wearing a lace front wig while she was promoting her new brand and getting her hair washed.

When Tina shared old videos and posts of her daughter’s long hair, people still didn’t believe her.

To prove them wrong, Beyoncé, mother of three, shared her hair care regimen to promote her hair line and show the masses her naturally long hair.

Knowles ripped on those who claimed that Bey’s hair was not her natural hair.

One said, “So, Y’all going to act like y’all don’t see her holding on to the lace for dear life,” in response to Bey holding her forehead while a stylist combed her wet hair.

Her mom even used a clip from an old Katt WIlliams interview along with other snapshots, where the comedian shut down questions about whether or not his hair is real.

“My hair is 19 inches long, and I have no perm,” said Williams. “Come run one of your gnarled fingers through it while you’re on air so they can hear you lie.”

The fans were thrilled at how witty the Texas native seemed to be with this post.

But it’s clear Ms. Tina is down for her daughter, whether she cuts her hair as a kid or needs someone to mow down haters online. Either way, she’s always got her back.

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