‘Can You Imagine If She Was Murdered?’: Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Juanita Breaks Her Silence Amid Reports She Was Robbed at Gunpoint In Chicago

A day after a journalist reported that Michael Jordan’s ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy Jordan, was carjacked in Chicago, the former NBA wife responded, blasting the reporter for disseminating false information.

Amy Jacobson from “AM 560 The Answer” tweeted on Saturday, June 29, that Juanita had been carjacked outside her residence in the Windy City and that the perpetrators slipped away after stealing her Rolls-Royce. In an effort to get the story picked up by a major outlet, Jacobson tagged TMZ.

“Juanita Jordan, Michael Jordan’s ex wife was carjacked outside her home in Chicago,” she wrote, “Stolen: Her white Rolls Royce, gun, wallet and keys. Can you imagine if she was murdered?”

Juanita Vanoy Jordan shuts down rumors she was carjacked in Chicago
Michael Jordan and his then-wife Juanita Vanoy Jordan announcing his what would turn out to be his temporary retirement from the NBA in 1999. (Photo: John Zich/AFP via Getty Images)

Jacobson added that the suspects were two Black males and were still being sought by police.

Once made aware that she was a victim of an alleged robbery, Juanita took to her social media platforms to clarify the situation.

“Amy, I don’t know you, but this is Juanita Vanoy Jordan and this is NOT TRUE!!!” she tweeted at around 6:00 am on June 30.

Minutes later, she followed up, writing, “Stop this nonsense!!!! NOTHING STATED HERE IS TRUE. LIES, LIES, LIES”

“I don’t live in Chicago I don’t drive a Rolls Royce,” Juanita added in a third tweet directed toward Jacobson. “IF I owned a Rolls Royce, I would have a driver and security. Said driver and security would absolutely be strapped-TRUST! If any of this were True…it would read 2 black male suspects shot and ….YKMYK People, take it from someone who has been covered by the media: Believe NONE of what you read.”

“Stop with the lying and the BULLS—T,” Juanita sent in her final tweet. “I don’t allow negativity into my life!! DO BETTER!!!!!”

After being checked, Jacobson deleted her tweet, but not before Juanita Jordan took her message to Instagram.

Juanita held no punches as she criticized Jacobson for failing to verify her facts before floating the fraudulent story.

“What has happened to responsible media coverage? An article on another platform has falsely reported some things,” she wrote while reposting her previous tweets.

“Believe NONE of what you hear. Believe only HALF of what you see,” her follow-up Instagram post read. “As someone who has been covered by the media, know that most of what is written probably has not been fact-checked. If you don’t get information from the “source” don’t believe it. VERIFY, VERIFY & VERIFY.”

Juanita Vanoy Jordan snaps after journalist Amy Jacobson reported that her car was stolen.

Juanita’s daughter, Jasmine Jordan, also chimed in to set the record straight, writing, “1. I’m with my mother. 2. She was NOT carjacked and is FINE! 3. She does not live in Chicago anymore, don’t own no damn RR like really?! 4. Play with someone else.”

Many people chimed in on her IG page, outraged by the lack of integrity shown by Jacobson.

“When they can’t get in your business they start making up stories,” one said.

Another said, “I say sue them for defamation on you n for putting more of us black men who are innocent in cross hairs of the law. Now how many black men does that lady reporting false info along with TMZ endanger bc of lies. Glad you’re ok Mrs Juanita.”

A third comment said, “The media will report on anything that will get the most attention. Today, attention equals money. Always remember the 3 C’s, Controversy Creates Cash.”

“Consider the source and what it has to gain. Trust, but verify,” read a fourth comment.

Juanita, who was born on June 13, has been celebrating the conclusion of her birthday month in The Bahamas with two of her three children, Marcus and Jasmine. Marcus posted photos of the family poolside at The Cove Atlantis and shared a photo of their dinner at Nobu, where Juanita and the family had the world-famous sushi.

Juanita also acknowledged being with her kids on her Instagram Story, “The best way to close out my bday month is with this little guy and 2 of the 3 TOPS.”

Michael and Juanita Jordan were married from 1989–2006. They share three children: Jeffrey Michael Jordan, 35, Marcus James Jordan, 33, and Jasmine Mickael Jordan, 31, who clearly don’t play about their mama.

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