‘I Was Ready to Take My A— Home’: Kevin Hart Reveals Usher’s Sneaky Plan That Made Him Look Like the ‘Old Guy In the Club’ with Latto

Kevin Hart says that his days of drinking for sport and partying at clubs until closing time comes are over. Fans figured as much when video of him taking in Atlanta’s nightlife scene with Latto and Usher made him seem like the old guy at the function this spring.

The April video was first shared on Twitter, where the “Big Energy” rapper wrote, “It’s like 5 funny things about this video.” In the 43-second clip, she is shown in a section of the club with Usher, Hart, and others as she dances and raps along to her song “Sunday Service” that was playing from the DJ booth.

Kevin Hart dreads becoming the old guy at the club after viral party video with Latto and Usher.
Kevin Hart dreads becoming the old guy at the club after viral party video with Latto and Usher. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

The Grammy Award-winning crooner seemed to be enjoying the vibe as he bopped to the music, playfully interacted with Latto, and smoked from a hookah. Hart, on the other hand, was briefly recorded as he stared out into the crowd, his eyes glossed over, and slightly swayed side to side. His energy was obviously on the lower end compared to his fellow entertainers.

When the post became a viral laughingstock, the “Ride Along” actor tweeted, “I was ready to go night night….In my ‘Danny Glover’ voice ….im getting too old for this s—t.” One fan hilariously wrote, “I know two in their 40s read to do to bed when I see em lol.”

Several others agreed that Hart’s social battery had expired. “Kevin hart having the time of his life,” jokingly wrote an X user. In a new interview for Complex, he echoed his previous statement as well as those who laughed at the video.

“That moment was a real moment. Both of them are amazing people. Usher’s a really close friend of mine, and he told me we were going to a little lounge atmosphere, which is my vibe. I don’t mind, but we ended up being at what I would consider to be a club. So what you saw was just somebody who has the days of nightlife and partying at that scale, and I was ready to go home. I was ready to take my a— home,” he told the outlet.

The standup comic admitted that nowadays, he would rather have a drink at home and enjoy the company of his family and friends. “My fear is just looking like the old guy in the club. I never want people to look up and go, ‘Why is he here?’ That, to me, that’s aggressive,” Hart explained.

Doubling down on his explanation, he continued, “‘Oh God, you see Kevin over there in the corner? Why is he here? It’s 21, 22 night. Why did he come?’ Bumping into my kids’ friends from school, that’s just aggressive. I don’t need those problems. I’ll take my a— home and be happy.”

However, in May and then again in mid-June, the entertainer proved that he can muster the energy and stamina to hang with the younger crowd when he participated in two livestreams with Twitch personality Kai Cenat. The second appearance also featured fellow comedic actor Druski.

“I love what they’re doing. … I try my best to align myself with them from a place of support. … It was only a matter of time before those opportunities for them get bigger,” he added. Hart said that he hopes to work with both men in the future, whether that pans out to be projects for television or the big screen.

Another way that the jokester is keeping an air of youthfulness about himself is that he recently ditched is gray hair and brought back “young Kev” with a good dye job.

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