‘I Couldn’t Stop Looking at the Shimmery Beard’: Kevin Hart Shocks Fans with New Look One Week After Wife Eniko Sexy Bikini Pics Goes Viral

Kevin Hart is on the road with his “Acting My Age” comedy tour, but at heart he is trying to hold on to as much of his youth as possible. This comes one week after his wife’s viral bikini pic surfaced online.

The 45-year-old’s fans may have grown accustomed to seeing his salt-and-pepper hair and goatee since the 2020 lockdown, but the distinguished signs of his aging are no longer a staple part of his appearance. Now, a good dye job has the entertainer looking as vibrant as he feels in his reintroduction of sorts to fans.

kevin hart reveals new look
Kevin Hart takes back the spotlight with new look one week after wife Eniko goes viral for her bikini body. (Photo: @enikohart/Instagram)

“I had the gray in the beard for a long time; yes, that is my natural hair color. … This whole thing can go gray, and I’m going to let it happen for a role. I’m not gon’ tell you which role, but I am going to go silver fox on y’all for one of these roles,” Hart said in a video shared on Instagram, casually promoting a project debuting this fall on Peacock as well as his tour.

The comic recently wrapped shooting on the upcoming miniseries “Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist,” co-starring Samuel L. Jackson, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, and more.

Kevin plays a lead suspect accused of orchestrating an armed robbery the night of Muhammad Ali’s 1970 comeback fight against Jerry Quarry, which was an actual event that happened in Atlanta.

In the post, he continued, “But now that I’m done, I said let’s get back to old Kevin for a second, and that’s this. That’s this Kev, young face Kev. Not that the other one’s old face Kev, but you get what I’m saying.” His followers humored his announcement about his appearance with one person writing, “Where did the gray hair go? Lol trickery.”

A second comment reads, “Kev bout 50 talkin to us like we don’t believe it’s gray. Chyyyy we know.” A third person agreed that the gray hair made the “Night School” actor appear a bit more mature than his years. “Yeah was pretty old looking my guy,” another user wrote.

A fourth person said, “I couldn’t stop looking at the shimmery beard.”

Three days prior, Kevin uploaded a video of himself being prepped for a “Fight Night” promotional shoot, showing how an afro wig had to be applied, with his graying beard still intact.

One person mistakenly assumed that the entire transformation, beard included, was fake. “I like the wig and the grey die in your beard,” they wrote. 

Kevin Hart says he’s done looking like ‘old Kev’ as he reveals he died his gray hair black. (Photos: @kevinhart4real/Instagram)

However, on the newer post, there were quite a few female onlookers who considered Kevin to be a sight for sore eyes. “Kevin why are you lowkey getting finer,” commented one woman.

Another said, “The gray is sexxy.” The actor is not the only one in his home who has people feeling smitten. Eniko Hart, Kevin’s wife of eight years, set off sirens when she welcomed in her “unbothered era” with a series of drool-worthy bikini photos from a girls trip to Cabo San Lucas.

The 39-year-old is the comic’s partner in his second marriage. Kevin and his first wife, Torrei Hart, with whom he shares two children, divorced in 2011. He also shares two children with the model.

Coincidentally, Eniko’s posts caught the attention of fans as the Hartbeat co-founder was a viral sensation for joining Kai Cenat and comedian Druski for a 24-hour antic-filled livestream.

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