‘We Booking Jr All Summer’: Brian McKnight Jr. Shuts Down the Internet Singing Dad’s Mega Hit Months Into Backlash Over The Artist Disowning His Kids

Brian McKnight is a done deal for fans who have found his vocal equivalent amid backlash over the singer’s controversial abandonment of his three eldest children.

His once loyal supporters are now praising his firstborn son, Brian McKnight Jr., for giving them an opportunity to enjoy his father’s classic ballads without adding a penny to the songwriter’s account via music streams and ticket sales.

Brian McKnight Jr. sings
Brian McKnight’s (L) first born son, Brian McKnight Jr. (R) goes viral for singing his dad’s song. (Photos: Brianmcknight23/Instagram; Brianmcknightjr/Instagram)

A clip circulating on TikTok has proved that Brian Sr. may have disowned Brian Jr. and his two younger siblings, but there is no way to sever their genetic bond. The young man is shown performing his father’s song “One Last Cry” in a near-identical manner as his famous dad.

The similarities of their voices and singing abilities floored users, who gleefully commented that Brian Sr. was officially a non-factor.

For instance, one reaction stated, “This is who we refer to when we talk about Brian McKnight.” A similar sentiment was echoed by another user who wrote, “The only Brian we acknowledge.” A third comment reads, “So we booking Jr all summer. A win is a win.” While a fourth individual suggested, “We need Jr to redo every single one of that man’s songs.”

Brain Jr., his brother Niko, and sister Briana have been estranged from the ’90s crooner for years. The “Back at One” vocalist explained that he cut ties with his children because they were products of sin and steered away from biblical teachings that require offspring to blindly follow the guidance of their parents.

Brian McKnight said his three eldest children, (from left) Brian McKnight Jr., Briana McKnight, and Niko McKnight, were each products of “sin” while justifying his decades-long estrangement. (Photos: @brianmcknightjr/Instagram, @brimcknight/Instagram, @fiftyclicks/Instagram)

The Grammy-nominated artist has faced months of criticism and boycotts of his live performances, as many have been turned off his music due to how he conducts his personal affairs.

Adding further insult to the estrangement, the 55-year-old remarried in 2017 to his current wife, Leilani Mendoza. He openly views her two children from a previous relationship as his own.

Last year, when the couple welcomed their first child together, Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr., the singer not only dedicated an album of lullabies to his youngest son but also legally changed his name to match the child’s.

As TikTok users applauded Brian Jr. for his polished vocal delivery, there were those who made mention of his father’s familial drama. “Sr. wanted to create a ‘new’ legacy forgetting he gave his son his entire voice?” wrote one person.

A second stated, “I’ll never understand how a man can hate someone who looks and SOUNDS just like him.”

The once-celebrated songwriter has limited comments on his social posts in hopes that hecklers would be unable to badger him with criticism. Though limited, commentary expressing disappointment in his parental flaws can still be observed across social media.

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