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‘You Stole My Money’: Xscape Singer Tamika Scott Accuses Sister LaTocha Scott and Her Husband of Stealing Her Royalties

Grab your popcorn, because Bravo’s “SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B” has plenty of shady remarks, moments of sisterhood, and all kinds of family drama. 

Fans were excited yet reluctant about watching the two ’90s girl groups coming together to plan a joint tour throughout the series.

It’s been two years since their jamming Verzuz battle on stage, and each group has had their own issues from the past. But on television, it’s a whole other story

“We got a lot of internal issues we got to deal with,” said LaTocha during a sit-down with Xscape and SWV. 

Tamika Scott, her mother, Gloria Scott, and her sister, LaTocha Scott. (Photo: @iamlatocha/Instagram.)

Taj of SWV added, “Listen, sisters, I understand y’all have internal issues, but the bigger picture is y’all are still together. So whatever it is, it can’t be that bad that y’all can’t even work it out.”

The tension was very visible between Xscape sisters Tamika and LaTocha Scott in the first episode that aired on March 5. It opened with Tamika, Kandi Burruss, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris unpacking what took place after their performance in Las Vegas last May. 

According to the ladies, Tamika and Kandi were reportedly locked out of their dressing room for an hour while LaTocha left. There was also a group text she sent to all the ladies noting how she felt, “Everyone who left without making sure we were good can kiss my a—.”

In an attempt to address the elephant in the room, the Scott sisters met at their mother Gloria’s home to air out their frustrations. Tamika explained that she didn’t like that her sister left without checking on her. 

LaTocha responded back to the text, saying, “Kiss my a—? You know what you saying when you tell a person to keep walking.”

In the episode, she accused her sister of “body-shaming” her in the text by stating, “If you had an a— to kiss.” 

Tamika argued it was a “figure of speech,” but the sour subject hit home for LaTocha, who recalls dealing with remarks about her body image for years. 

“It has not been easy for me in the industry,” LaTocha said in her confessional. “I’ve always been known as the big girl. There was a particular time that we performed in Boca Raton, I’ll never forget, and I sang my face off. The manager came, and she was like, ‘The big girl, she sounded really good.’ The compliment went out the window.”

Tamika then took offense to LaTocha, stating, “We family, boo, I can’t do nothing about that,” implying she did not want to be related. She then redirects some of her energy to her mother, who she says often takes her sister’s side. 

“When you stole my money, mama didn’t say nothing,” Tamika exclaimed. “When you and Rocky stole my money, mama didn’t say nothing. Mama got quiet just like she quiet now.”

In her confessional, Tamika shared that Tiny’s mother informed her of another royalty check she was receiving for being in Xscape. After some investigating, she later found out that the checks were sent to LaTocha and cashed through her husband, Rocky’s bank account. 

LaTocha denied those claims that she stole a total of $30,000, but Tamika said she had the receipts to prove it.

“My best friend was about to lock you up and I told her don’t do it. I gave her all the evidence. You stole my money,” she added. 

The episode ended with Mama G yelling at Bravo producers to cut off the cameras or leave her home immediately. 

“SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B” airs Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

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