‘Intent on Trying to Humiliate Him’: Fans Shut Down Larsa Pippen for Sliding Into Scottie’s IG Comments Amid Marcus Jordan Breakup

Just in time for Father’s Day, Scottie Pippen and his son Justin shared a little bit of their relationship with Slam High School magazine, however, Larsa’s appearance in the comments derailed the heartwarming video.

The six-time NBA champion is seen in a video clip kicking it with his 19-year-old son, who is also a baller. At the core of the narrative is the O.G. grooming his son for professional sports, akin to his legendary career with the Chicago Bulls.

It opens up with the teen saying: “My name is Justin Pippen. I’m here with my dad, the great one. Today is going to be a little day in the life. We’re going to get some breakfast, play some p-i-g, play some Connect Four, and then hit the gym.”

The video continues by capturing a few heartwarming moments between father and son, starting with breakfast featuring the former small forward showing off his chef skills.

Larsa pippen, scottie pippen son
Fans say Larsa Pippen ruined happy moment between ex Scottie Pippen and their son Justin. (Photos: @justinpippen/Instagram; @larsapippen/Instagram.)

“Let’s get this breakfast popping,” Scottie says. “Today we going to eat some banana pancakes and some eggs, because I’m trying to bulk him up like a big boy. I’ve always been cooking, especially breakfast. It’s kind of the easiest thing.”

The pair then engaged in a lively game of Connect Four and a playful basketball showdown of “p-i-g.”  

“You can’t beat me in anything,” Justin says to his father before they start, but by the end of the battle on the court Scottie swats off the trash talk and adds that he won two of the three games that day.

“I think ever since he took on the game he felt like he could beat me,” the legend said. “As you can see, he’s still feeling that way today.”

The clip ends with Scottie jabbing at his son while he lifts weights, “You wanna be me, keep doing it.”

Most people responded positively to the Father’s Day tribute. However, a few reacted to his claim that he was the “greatest” in the sport despite having played second to Michael Jordan when they were teammates.

Larsa Pippen, Justin’s mother and Scottie’s ex, who has been romantically involved with Jordan’s son Marcus, hopped into the comments, dropping three fire emojis.

The comment sparked several fans to respond.

One person said, “@larsapippen don’t need to comment on anything.”

Some were livid about her audacity to date her ex’s former teammate’s son, with one scolding, “@larsapippen making your family look bad. wat u doing w mj son.”

Others had issues with her keeping the Pippen last name while living her life as a single woman.

“It’s crazy you still running round wit my Unc last name but I’ll digress,” a comment stated.

A few fans were just through with the messiness of it all.

“We don’t know what Scottie did to her during their marriage,” another said, adding, “She seems intent on trying to humiliate him at every opportunity. She ain’t ever changing the name unless she remarries.”

“idc what Scottie allowed she’s a goofy Yu wanna run around like a toss around at least do it with your maiden name like wtf,” said another fan.

Larsa dated Marcus dated for nearly two years. News outlets had a field day with the couple rumors, not only because of the Pippen/Jordan connection but because she is 16 years his senior.

The two met in 2019. Rumors of their romance first started to swirl in late 2022, and they officially confirmed their relationship in early 2023. The couple became public with their relationship on Instagram in January 2023.

While the two were in love, many did not believe that they should be together, namely Marcus’ billionaire father.

According to Finurah, When asked last July by paparazzi in Paris whether he approved of his son dating the 49-year-old woman who was previously married to a teammate, the billionaire behind Brand Jordan replied with a firm “No!”

They eventually broke up in March 2024, citing differing life goals​. Rumors had it that Larsa wanted to get married, and Marcus refused to give her an engagement ring. The 32-year-old did give her a promise ring, but that’s really not the same.

The two have since unfollowed each other on social media, giving her plenty of time to reinvest in her family.

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