‘Something Is Wrong’: Fans Notice Martin Lawrence’s Speech was ‘Completely Slurred’ During ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Promo Interview, Sparking Further Concern About His Health

Martin Lawrence wants the speculation and spreading of urban legends about his health to come to an end.

A flood of responses to the comedic icon’s performance during the “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” press tour has led many to believe the entertainer is facing underlying health issues.

The “Martin” show creator previously attempted to shut down banter about his perceived cognitive challenges and shuffling gait, saying, “I’m fine. I’m in God’s hand. … I’m all good. No need for people to be concerned. … I’m healthy as hell. Stop the rumors!” when he appeared alongside co-star Will Smith in a Hot 97 interview earlier this month.

Martin Lawrence (left) addresses stroke and clone rumors amid concerns about his health as he and Will Smith (right) promote their new movie “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” (Photo: Martinlawrence/Instagram.)

He again addressed the guesses about his well-being when he and Smith appeared on “Sway’s Universe” on Friday, June 7, to promote the fourth installment of their buddy-cop franchise debuting in theaters.

After both men received compliments from Sway about still looking their best, Lawrence expressed gratitude before he launched into a few words about the ongoing speculation.

“There’s a rumor out there that I had a stroke. Man, and that’s totally not true,” he insisted. “So, I just wanna clear that up. But I thank everybody for the concern and the love, and just thank you. But Marty’s all good.”

Lightening up the mood a bit, Smith added, “There’s also a rumor, and I wasn’t gonna bring it up, that you’re a clone. That was the one that I heard. That you’ve been cloned.”

Lawrence hit back with, “Well, that’s AI,” causing laughter to break out among the two actors and the show hosts.

But online comments from the Def Comedy Jam alum’s longtime supporters remained divided about whether or not there is more to his claims about his health.

Immediately one comment read, “Are yall going to ask him what is going on with his health or just let him keep faking for the interview?”

“It may not be a stroke, but his words are completely slurred. Something is wrong,” wrote an X user, believing that Lawrence was withholding information. A third reaction stated, “It’s good if he’s healthy and all but we still have no explanation as to why his speech is slurred and other signs that clearly look like something is going on.”

Even the “House Party” actor’s appearance came under scrutiny. “D—n my boy Marty Mar face is full of either wheat or medication. Body is inflamed by at least 40 lbs,” said one person. A response to the tweet suggested that the 59-year-old had “Sodium face bruh. Prolly eating bad as hell.”

A third took things a step further, when they shared, “You had one or you need to go to the doctor… cus the right side of your face is showing signs of paralysis and swelling.. and your speech implies a strain on your throat muscles.”

However, as some drew their own conclusions about the star’s speech and overall less animated state, many more fans came to his defense. “Marty Mart old…doing action movies…running around. Bruh just be tired,” read a tweet.

Several others said that the jokester deserved a right to privacy, stating that people were crossing a boundary by prodding and speculating about his health. Twenty-five years ago, though, Lawrence made headlines when he collapsed and suffered a heat stroke while training to appear in “Big Momma’s House” in 1999.

Another said he may appear somewhat absent during the grueling press run because of grief.

That individual wrote, “I thought his brother died recently? He probably just depressed and a little overweight,” seemingly alluding to the recent death of his childhood friend Larry White.

Lawrence endured extreme overheating and was in a coma for three days before regaining consciousness.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he faced kidney damage, though at the time, doctors were uncertain if the organ strain would be permanent. The Hollywood talent was cited as not having brain or heart damage.

Following “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” Lawrence is slated to hit the road starting in July for his “Y’all Know What It Is” comedy tour that has dates scheduled well into 2025. His presence on stage will either fuel more concern or put it all to bed for good.

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