The Game Deletes His IG Posts Following Backlash for Posting ‘Weird’ Photos with Teenage Daughter Cali

Rapper The Game appears to be fed up with his 13.8 million Instagram fans and others after wiping out his entire Instagram portfolio.

He removed every post except for one snapshot of himself with the late Nipsey Hussle. This move comes in the wake of backlash he received for posting a heartfelt message to his daughter, California Dream Taylor, that some critics labeled as “weird.”

The Compton native’s Instagram purge followed days of controversy following a tribute post to his daughter celebrating her eighth grade graduation and transition to high school.

The Game responds following criticism for a viral TikTok video with his 13-year-old daughter, Cali. (Photo: @losangelesconfidential/Instagram)

On Thursday, June 6, the 44-year-old dad shared an intimate moment on Instagram, featuring a photo of himself and his daughter in her graduation cap and gown. His caption was a heartfelt reflection on fatherhood, describing it as the “greatest part” of his life and lauding his daughter’s academic achievements.

“The most incredible love I’ve ever known. @calilynndreamtaylor being your father is the greatest part of my life,” the “Hate It or Love It” recording artist wrote.

Adding, “You are my entire heart & I am elated & more than proud to be your best friend & Dad. I am & will always be by your side, especially when you need me the most. From watching your birth… to watching you effortless excel in all areas in your life has been not only a joy to see.. but also & experience I thank God for daily.”

“You are everything I imagined you’d be… you make straight A’s look like light work & you are a pulchritudinous soul to all who encounter you,” he continued. “Thank you so much for being my baby…Now.. on to graduation… we gone keep it short. 8th grade, see ya…..Highschool here we come !!!! I love you California Dream [heart emoji] Sincerely, your TWIN.”

When The Shade Room posted screenshots of the celebratory post on its page, many on social media weighed in on the intention of his post, assuming the absolute worst. A few even assumed it was a marriage proposal due to an image of The Game on one knee giving his daughter a flower.

“Not me assuming this young lady was getting proposed to… this is weird,” one person wrote.

Another said, “They are always taking weird pictures! Before I knew who they were I thought it was a proposal!” Another critic said, “Middle school? These kids look grown af now.”

Other people commented on how beautiful Cali was, often remarking on how much older she looked than her early teens. Coming to his defense, one person said, “These comments show exactly who wasn’t loved by their father growing up.”

But this is not the first time that people have bashed the dad for using such affectionate language toward his daughter.

On her 13th birthday, he wrote, “I love you with everything God gave me & there will never be a second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year that I will not be right by your side…. Especially on days you need it the most.” 

Many called the rapper “sick,” pointing at a picture of him and his twin hugging each other noggin to noggin and saying it was inappropriate.

Supporters rally behind The Game after critics bash his 'sick' birthday tribute to his daughter.
Supporters rallied behind The Game after critics bashed what they called his “sick” birthday tribute to his daughter. @losangelesconfidential/Instagram

People were also upset around Halloween when the nepo child dressed in a Dallas Cowboy crop top and biker shorts with a bedazzled football-shaped purse.

They claimed the teen looked too grown in the costume.

Dad didn’t like the outfit either but has been resigned to the fact that his baby girl is growing up.

“She makes straight A’s.. heavy on the straight…. So this is the 1st Halloween I allowed her to pick her own costume & she went straight to @fashionnova with her moms card with no hesitation lol… she kept it cute but I still low key wanna fight somebody… I just don’t know who [And someone tell her we are a 49ers household],” he wrote.

He added, “To all the fathers with beautiful daughters… I feel your pain.” 

Not everyone had issues with the graduation post, and some even reprimanded those who tried to dirty up the sweet note to his daughter.

“The father wound is screaming loud as hell in these comments. It’s sad everyone didn’t get to experience a dad! That’s Daddy’s little girl IYKYK,” someone wrote.

Another confused IG user wrote, “With the way the world treats us, There is nothing more valuable than a father who loves his black daughter out loud!!! [heart emojis and hand claps].”

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, is also a proud father to two sons: 20-year-old son Harlem Caron and 16-year-old son King Justice.

His eldest child Harlem’s mother is Aleska Jordan.

California Dream and King Justice are children he shares with Tiffany Cambridge.

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