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LaTruth’s Estranged Wife, Briana, Who He Says Nearly Tricked Him Into More Child Support, Throws Divorce Party as He Seemingly Drops Hints About Marrying Another Woman

The contentious divorce between influencers Robert “LaTruth” Hampton and Briana Hampton has been a hot topic online.

The two influencers tied the knot in 2016 after dating for just five months. Most of their relationship as well as the tumultous ending played out on social media beginning in 2022 after the “I Hate You More” rapper refused to adopt the three children Hampton had from a previous relationship.

It’s unclear if the divorce has been finalized but Briana appears to be celebrating anyway with an epic divorce party on March 29. The event occurred just days before LaTruth shared a video of himself with an unidentified woman whom he claimed he was marrying in Las Vegas.

Influencer LaTruth (left) claims his estranged wife, Briana, (right) tricked to trick him into paying child support for the three children she had before they got married. (Photos: Courtesy of Atlanta Black Star; @justbeingbriana/Instagram)

Divorce parties have been a fun trend for several years that have grown with social media, and celebs like “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Bambi and Lil Scrappy have partaked in the festivities.

Hampton decided to have one to celebrate the end of her marriage to LaTruth. She shared several pictures of the party on Instagram with a lengthy caption.

“About Friday Night…….. My Divorce FrEE NEEK was everythingggg!! Omggggg I had sooo much funnn,” she wrote. “Thank you to all my supporters who flew from all over and from Atlanta to come celebrate with me!! Thank you to my family im so happy to have had yall there with me as you guys have been there from the beginning and now we are here on this journey of redefining me!”

Hampton went on to thank her event planner Jami Forbes and celebrity cake artist Lynnette Moore for decorating the event space and making her ’90s-themed caked, which featured the phrases, “Straight Outta Marriage” and “Fn Free.”

Author of “The Divorce Party Handbook” Christine Gallagher says many people burn things at divorce parties. “We’ve heard of wedding dresses being burned at divorce parties, even the marital bed,” she wrote.

Hampton seems to have taken a page from Gallagher’s book because another cake made for the party by Toppy Sweets included the phrase, “I do, I did, I’m done” complete with fake dynamite. “Thank you at @toppysweets for my burn cake I enjoyed watching it burn lol !!”

“If only yall knew the half you would know why this celebration was so dear to me and others!! Anywho I hope I didn’t miss anyone Cheers to ‘REDEFINING BRI’,” she concluded.

Fans reacted on Instagram and congratulated Hampton on her freedom. “Freeeee at last..,” replied one fan. “You are hilarious for this,” joked another. “Dude lost a serious baddie. He gotta be somewhere punching air,” added another.

Mere days after Hampton shared pictures from her divorce party, LaTruth took to Instagram with a video showing him driving in his car with a female passenger. He captioned the post, “On our way to Vegas to get married.” The artist also posted an Instagram Story claiming that he’d “Never been divorced in his entire life,” so it’s unclear if the divorce is final. He also shared footage of the woman trying on wedding dresses on April 1.

Fans reacted to his post and warned the woman to run. “Girl run and run fast,” replied one. “Gatdam, the ink aint een dry yet! Lol,” added another. “Congratulations ya’ll. May your union be blessed,” noted one.

Briana and the recording artist have one child together, a daughter, Amoura, but LaTruth was reluctant to adopt his stepchildren — Lauryn, Isaiah, and Joshua. He shared a video of Hampton throwing his clothes out of his closet with the caption, “All of this because I refused to adopt her children. Y’all better stop trying to make me out to be a bad guy when I’ve been nothing but a great man the whole time. She’s trying to take everything away from me and it’s sad. I deserve better.”

LaTruth claims Hampton asked about him adopting her children after a discussion about divorce, and several references she made about other men who had done the same with their stepchildren.

“I said, ‘No!’ I mean we married. It makes no sense to adopt kids and we’re married,” he stated on “The Culture Club Uncensored.” “I’m already a father to them. I just knew at that moment, because I’ve already been speaking about a divorce, she wanted me to do that for stability. So just in case the divorce happens, I have to pay for child support on all the kids.”

Briana claimed that she never asked him to adopt her children and accused her estranged husband of being abusive to her.

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