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Influencer LaTruth Claims He Refused to Adopt His Stepkids as His Estranged Wife Briana Tried to Trick Him Into Paying Extra Child Support

Rapper and influencer LaTruth, born Robert Hampton, found himself embroiled in a contentious divorce with his wife, Briana Hampton, known as Mrs. LaTruth and everyone on social media had a front-row seat.

The former couple started dating in 2016 and were married five months later. However, in 2022, their marriage unraveled virtually, right before all of TikTok, Instagram, and the former, Twitter’s eyes.

After nearly six years of marriage, they cited various reasons for their split, but one issue that garnered public attention was LaTruth’s reluctance to adopt Briana’s three children —Lauryn, Isaiah, and Joshua — from a previous relationship.

The pair, who share one daughter, Amoura, met after exchanging messages on Facebook following the loss of Hampton’s mother to cancer in 2015. The model had reached out to LaTruth about a working opportunity and the rest was history.

In a recent episode of Atlanta Black Star’s “The Culture Club Uncensored” podcast, LaTruth opened up about his battle with stomach cancer, securing major features for his music, his feud with DaBaby, and his ongoing divorce.

He also expressed regret about the couple’s decision to share so much of their personal life online, particularly highlighting the adoption issue as a significant point of contention.

During the separation, the North Carolina native posted a video of his ex throwing what appears to be his clothes and shoes out of the closet as he stated, “All this because I won’t do some type of adoption.”

When asked if this was true, LaTruth said, “Yeah, that’s true, definitely. See we had a conversation about that. I had talked about getting a divorce, so she asked me if I would ever consider adopting her kids and she brought up situations of other men adopting kids or whatever,” he explained.

The artist continued,  “The first one I was like, ‘All right, that’s cool. That sounds cool, sounds like a commendable thing to do. And then she brought up the second one, the third one. I’m just like, ‘Why you keep bringing up all these different people and how they adopted kids?’”

After discussing other cases where men legally adopted their spouse’s children, LaTruth claims Briana then broached the subject of adoption with him. She allegedly requested that he consider adopting her children from a previous relationship, whom she shares with a man named Deshawn, who confirmed he was the kids’ father in another video.

“I said, ‘No!’ I mean we married. It makes no sense to adopt kids and we’re married. I’m already a father to them,” LaTruth explained. “I just knew at that moment, because I’ve already been speaking about a divorce, she wanted me to do that for stability. So just in case the divorce happens, I have to pay for child support on all the kids.”

When asked if he had any child support issues with his other daughter, Desharia, LaTruth said, “I’ve been 100 percent financial with my kids and spend time with them and everything. So that’s never been an issue.”

The details of the pending divorce have spilled into many of the blogs with Briana trying to put her husband on blast, claiming not only has she never asked him to adopt her kids, but that her ex has no money and that he was abusive to her.

LaTruth has denied that he ever put his hands on her.

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