‘Quit Trying to Expose People for Money’: Slim Thug Slammed For Saying There’s a Time Limit on Reporting Assault

Following singer Cassie Ventura’s recent allegations against music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, accusing the Bad Boy executive of physical and sexual assault, Houston rapper Slim Thug took to social media to weigh in on the matter. According to the rapper, women who have experienced abuse in the past should pursue criminal charges rather than filing federal civil lawsuits. Slim Thug emphasized the importance of bringing the perpetrators to justice by getting them locked up.

Additionally, he proposed the idea of a specific time frame, closer to the occurrence, within which such legal actions should be initiated.

“Coming back and getting Bill Cosby and coming back and getting Puff, I don’t believe in it, man,” Slim said, adding that if a woman doesn’t speak up when the assault went down, they have no right to speak about it later.

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‘Quit trying to expose people for money’: Slim Thug slammed for saying there’s a time limit on reporting assault/(Photo: Slim Thug / Facebook)

“When sh—t go down, speak on that sh—t right then, or it should be null and void. You shouldn’t be able to do s—t unless you must let the people know what happened immediately,” he continued. “It should be a time limit on this s—t.”

Slim Thug says, in his opinion, Cassie left Diddy, followed her heart to be with his personal trainer and realized the trainer could not provide for her financially like her billionaire ex once did.

“Now it’s struggle time …  The love wearing off, and now you trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid,” he said. “ ‘Now, I’m healed, and I can talk about it. I want to expose n—gas in my book.’ You participated. You ain’t say sh—t for nothing. You did that so stand on that. Quit trying to expose people for money.”

Social media had a mixed reaction, but very few people agreed with him.

“All this video tells me is that he has some skeletons in his closet and doesn’t want them to take the same route Cassie did,” one person surmised. Another comment read, “He has daughters. One would think that men would see the world differently when they have daughters. Smh.”

“You don’t [know] what she was going through mentally. Most women that are never speak up,” another person said.

After the onslaught of backlash online, Slim Thug jumped on Instagram Live to address his critics.

“Maybe she didn’t want to get the police involved. Isn’t that what you’d rather say,” said the Houston rapper. “Alright. She got her bag, so everything good. I’m just saying it didn’t sound like no abuser/victim to me,” he said. Sounds like she needed that bag. And she got it. And everything good now. She fixed. Everybody happy now. Right?”

When asked by a viewer of his broadcast if he knew how much strength it takes for a survivor to come forward to share stories of abuse, he swiftly responded he did not.

“I don’t know. I never been a victim of abuse. But I do know that there is scammers out here,” he said, adding, “You should call the police and not wait. You shouldn’t be trying to sue a mother—ker. You should just get the abuser locked up.”

Fans swarmed on him even more.

“It’s not when men talk about what women should do when they been victimized by a man… I have great respect for @slimthug but you wrong in this one,” said music producer Chad Elliott.

Another person commented, “This type of person and this kinda thinking is dangerous. Run ladies…. RUN from anyone who moves like this!”

Gospel singer Lexi summarized what many in the comments said, “Awwwww, just hush and be glad God hasn’t exposed you.”

On Friday, Nov. 17, just one day after Cassie filed her federal lawsuit in the state of New York, Diddy and Cassie reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

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