‘Flat Out Disrespectful at This Point’: Cam’ron Fuels Beef with Ex-NBA Player Joe Smith By Getting Shirtless Rub Down from His Wife Kisha Chavis Live on His Show

If Joe Smith was upset with Cam’ron for flirting with his estranged wife before, he would be absolutely fuming after he sees her interaction with the New York rapper on the latest episode of his sports podcast.

Smith’s plight has been well documented ever since his wife, Kisha Chavis, filmed the two arguing after Smith found out about her OnlyFans page. Smith was under the impression that Chavis, who went by the pseudonyms Kyss Major and Yasmine Pendavis in her adult entertainment career, seemingly put her past behind her when she married him in 2011.

Joe Smith's wife Kisha Chavis massaged Cam'ron's back during his podcast.
Joe Smith’s wife Kisha Chavis massaged Cam’ron’s back during his podcast. (Photo: @iamkyssmajor @mr_camron @joesmithbasketball/Instagram)

The pair’s argument went viral, and both Smith and Chavis went on separate press tours to speak on their sides of the story.

Chavis expressed in multiple interviews that she was forced to make an OnlyFans page to earn money because, allegedly, Smith wasn’t supporting the household financially. On Nov. 3, the former adult film star’s press stop landed her on the “Check Out the Stat” YouTube show hosted by Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson featuring Cam’ron, and things quickly got flirty between Chavis and the “Oh Boy” rapper.

Chavis appeared virtually as a guest and while discussing her business ventures, she revealed that she has a massage business called the Body Rub Babes.

Unable to contain his excitement, Killa Cam asked if the “Body Rub Babes” traveled and if Chavis worked as one of the masseuses. Chavis disclosed that she used to, to which Cam’ron asked, “Would you be a ‘Body Rub Babe’ for me?”

Chavis said that she would and Cam’ron followed with flirty comments about his guest’s cleavage.

Joe Smith caught wind of his wife’s encounter with Cam’ron and was obviously displeased. “It bothers me a lot,” he said in a recent interview before acknowledging that he wasn’t 100 percent sure if he and Chavis would be able to work out their differences.

Chavis didn’t help matters as she made another appearance with Cam’ron, this time appearing in person on the Nov. 15 episode of Cam’ron and Mase’s sports show, “It Is What It Is.”

Toward the end of the episode, Mase surprised his co-host with his long-awaited massage from Chavis. Fans couldn’t believe that Chavis would actually show up. One online user wrote, “Cam & Mase are on a whole new unserious level, man.” Another said, “These the sickest n—-s in sports talk. Breh that’s somebody’s WIFE.”

A few others called Chavis out for “disrespecting” her husband, saying, “Ok she definitely just doing whatever she can to embarrass her husband,” and “She’s just flat out disrespectful at this point.”

According to Chavis, her massage company has been “booked and busy” since her Nov. 3 interview with Cam’ron, so as a token of appreciation, she wanted to provide him with a live session during his podcast.

For the last 19 minutes of the show, Chavis proceeded to massage Cam’s shirtless back. So far, there’s Joe Smith has not responded to his wife’s latest antics.

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