‘She Needs Some Grief-Centered Counseling’: Dr. Umar Johnson Suggests Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Jason’s Lyric’ Role Was Her Acting Out Her Love for Tupac

Dr. Umar Johnson is the latest to weigh in on the Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and Tupac Shakur love triangle, and according to the activist, he believes Jada may need some counseling to get over her relationship with the deceased rapper.

Johnson sat down with “The Art of Dialogue” podcast when the topic of Jada Pinkett Smith and the “California Love” rapper came up. Umar began the conversation by reiterating that he had “nothing but love” for the Baltimore-born actress.

Dr. Umar Johnson believes that Jada Pinkett Smith needs grief counseling for the loss of Tupac.
Dr. Umar Johnson believes that Jada Pinkett Smith needs grief counseling for the loss of Tupac. (Photo: @drumarjohnson @jadapinkettsmith/Instagram.)

He praised Pinkett Smith’s film career, saying, “When I look at what she did on ‘Set It Off,’ and when I look at what she did on ‘Menace II Society,’ both of those are hood classics. So no matter how you cut the cake, whether she married Will Smith or not, she’s still gonna go down in history for producing two of the most pivotal love stories, ghetto crime sagas that we have seen.”

He followed by saying those two movies are “etched in Black history forever,” and so is Pinkett Smith because of the roles she played in the movies. That being said, Johnson argued that she would not have as much attention as she does if she had not married Smith.

“What I want for sister Jada,” Umar began, “ ‘cause I want the best for the queen. I want her to get some very good, deep…grief. She needs some grief-centered counseling.”

According to Umar, the 52-year-old has not fully processed the death of her friend Tupac Shakur. “I think she’s still dealing with what could have been, what if,” he said.

Though Johnson never met Pinkett Smith, he came to his conclusions from inferences from what she has said and what he has read about her. It is his belief that she harbors guilt for the death of the “I Get Around” rapper.

“I think she carries a guilt,” Johnson said. “That ‘If I woulda went ahead and married him, could I have saved him from an early death?’”

The interviewer agreed that Pinkett Smith might need counseling, and he also agreed that she’s solidified herself in Black culture due to her roles in classic films. When the subject of her 1994 film “Jason’s Lyric” came up, Johnson shared that if he had the chance, he would ask Pinkett Smith if she was “acting out her love for Tupac” in the film. According to the psychologist, she played the role so well that it may be possible.

Not everyone agreed with Johnson’s assessment, however. “This is reaching at its finest,” commented one viewer. Another person said, “Jada will still be loved with or without WILL. We always loved Jada, and all her movies are loved and forever classics.”

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Johnson isn’t the only one who recently said that Pinkett Smith may need counseling, as Rick Ross also said that the actress may need some therapy. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ross said, “To me, she’s psychologically lost and needs some counseling.”

Ross claimed that Pinkett Smith’s memoir flopped because “she already told us everything.” He told Pinkett Smith to “sit down” and that “nobody cares,” but just like Johnson he said he still has love for her.

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